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1-1-2020: Added a hyperlink to the Links Subset of the Extra Section that will take you to my Quora account, where I answered (or asked) some questions! Why not found out what I know? You could learn something...

1-3-2020: Discovered another math trick for the Math Section: "Square Root Squabble 2"!

1-9-2020: Added another bonus fact in the Math Section about trigonometry! It's about the classic Tangent & Cotangent Formulae!

1-15-2020: Added 2 new mini-animations to the Mini-Animations Page: "Michelle Lipstick & the Rubber Ducky Yet Again!" & its close-up version! They're both perfect time loops!

1-16-2020: Added a special Flash file: "Blinking or Non-Blinking Sentences" to the Special Flash File Subset of the Extra Section!

1-22-2020: Coloring Book Image #71 has been added to the Coloring Book Images Page!

1-23-2020: Thanks for 220,350 hits!

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