Al Dös! II: Derek C. Jr. Gets A Red Flag: The Commentary

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I hope that what the villain said in this 1-panel comic didn't scare you too much, but what the evil red muppetoid says officially makes him a full-pledged villain. Al thinks that there are too many people in his world & he believes that killing people will solve the "overpopulated problem"; but our hero Derek Cyannus Jr. simply tells his former friend to shut up about how many people there are in the world because murder is wrong. Besides, only a villain would say what Al said & mean it! You're judging the red character correctly, if you detest him! Unlike the hero Derek, Al doesn't value the life of anyone else & that is the actual problem!


Committing mass murder would NOT solve an overpopulation-of-the-planet problem; it would just cause more misery because that's what crimes do: they make people miserable. (It especially makes the criminal's victims miserable!) The police would have to stop such a murderous criminal somehow, if he/she was just recklessly killing innocent people. It doesn't matter if the dangerous criminal thinks that there are too many people in the world or on the planet. A crime is a crime & the criminal is the one who has to pay the consequences. Speaking of consequences, if the consequences of an action make innocent people suffer, then the action is wrong; otherwise, if they bring forth prosperity, then there's nothing wrong with that action!


Considering what Al says as he spitefully stares at the globe on the box, his idea may satisfy him, but he would be hurting practically everyone else. As a villain, he doesn't care who he hurts, even if those people are innocent; that's how villains are. Villains just don't care about innocent people or how their victims feel about their crimes. I successfully proved that Al Dös is indeed a full-pledged villain with my storywriting, proving that I know him very well! Furthermore, as an experienced narrator, I know how to do good storywriting with bad characters. This red guy just happens to be a bad one!


After seeing this cartoon, 1 of my parents told me to be careful about what I put in my cartoons, but people who tend to be more narrow-minded need to learn that you must never judge the narrator when the characters of his/her stories do bad things; besides, not every imagined character will be a good-doer. Quite commonly nowadays, cartoonists are making antihero cartoons; stories that include morally confused characters! You can fully relate to a morally confused character! We all have trouble deciding what to do from time to time, don't we? Anyway, in conclusion, stupidity & simple-mindedness are both dangerous because of how some idiot, like Al Dös, might try to do a simple-minded action to solve a complicated problem. (Problem-solving is NOT that simple!) He doesn't have a conscience to tell him why murder is wrong, so apparently, a conscience makes a person smarter & nicer!

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