Archy's Podophobia or I'll Be A Monkey's Aunt: The Commentary

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After accidentally stepping on Archy Ant at the beginning of this episode, Goldilocks apologizes to him; she even had her right foot apologize by foot-tapping "Sorry" in Morse code! (That's the one that squished him!) Then, Archy tells her that he has podophobia (fear of feet) because his tiny size makes him so vulnerable to stomping. That's a logical reason for his fear, although fear is often illogical!

At least Archy isn't afraid of his own feet, but he was afraid of everyone else's feet! Goldilocks used her toe dexterity to help him conquer his podophobia. She proved that she could use her feet like hands. She put Archy on the table so he could reach the choco-balls. Her foot scared him a little before the toe grab; he thought he was going to get squished again! But instead, the foot lifts him up; that surprised him! Goldilocks wiggled her toes as a signal. He thought only birds & primates could grab with their feet. Then, creating a humorous gag, Goldilocks practically tells him that she's a primate, too, since she's human. (Did you know that we humans are primates? Neither did Archy!)

I looked it up & found out that, yes, we humans count as primates, besides, monkeys & apes are our animal cousins. They're famous for grasping things with their prehensile feet. Human feet have some prehensility, too. If you have the technique & flexibility, you can grab with your feet; it's all in the toes! (It's probably easier for women since their legs, feet, & toes tend to be more flexible than men's) Thong sandals show some proof that human feet have some memory of their handy origins. (Notice how the thong separates the big toe from the 4 smaller toes; the big toe is the foot thumb!)

Another fact about hands & feet that Dottie didn't mention: The foot thumb is thicker than the hand thumb!

It's easier to grab with your hands since fingers are longer & more flexible than toes. Fingers can spread out more than toes can. The digits of monkey & ape feet are more finger-like, making their feet more prehensile than ours. However, at least human feet can grab small, lightweight objects.

If you choose to use your feet like hands, beware, because feet can be so underrated sometimes. It's ridiculously easy to insult people with your feet! Here are some examples of foot-related insults:

Imagine if you were Archy Ant's size & saw the sole of another person's foot coming down onto you. The body language sends this message: "I'm going to stomp on you!" It's understandable why a small character like him would fear feet, but Goldilocks also proved that feet can be used gently. In scenes of this episode & its sequels, she grabs & caresses Archy with her beautiful, bare feet, trying not to put too much weight on him. Their sizes contrast so much that he is like a toy to her!

To end this commentary, you should remember not to touch other people or their property with your feet (or any other body part of yours), unless you have their permission. Even if your feet look beautiful, kicking other people is still rude!

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