Onio & Jack Donkey's Bad Smell Song!

This bonus mini-comic strip is a spoofed version of the "Bad Boys" theme song from the Cops TV show!

Beat Type of the Song: Reggae

Tempo of the Song: 170 beats per minute

Musical Key of the Song: A minor (or C major)

If you want to hear how the music in the comic strip sounds like, click on this sentence! Normally, you can't hear anything in a non-animated cartoon; however, that's where your imagination comes in! You need an imagination to enjoy art, dear viewers. Anyway, the comic strip begins just below:

(Read the leftmost panels 1st, then move to the right, then down to the left of the next row. There are 12 panels, 2 per row, making 6 rows.)

Note: If you sing the song yourself, then it's your choice whether to pluralize the word "smell" or not.







Additional lyrics that Onio & Jack didn't get to sing:

Odors can smell really, really bad; the scent could make someone so sad!

An odor can make your breath smell like trash; detecting it might give you nose rash!

My favorite part of the comic as the creator is when Jack & Onio get kicked into the dryer, ping-pong style! 1 advantage to being a cartoonist is that you can exaggerate what happens to your characters! Exaggeration is funny!

Concluding Commentary: Sally B. Martin thought that the 2 were going to sing about her & damage her dignity! They did kind of damage her dignity a little bit since they laughed about how her breath smelled like. However, despite the humor, you still should be careful about how you talk about people when you aren't talking to them, especially if they're nearby because they can over-hear you & take your words out of context. Believe me, I know; it's a hell of a mess when that happens to you! Besides, you're always communicating, whether you know it or not!

The original tune was created by the band known as Inner Circle.

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