Banana Bash 2 & Danielle's Prehensile Foot Dance: The Commentary

You can see the original animated episode on the Epic Animations Page and its corresponding blooper on the Outrageous Outtakes Page.

This commentary is about the animated episode: "Banana Bash 2" & its corresponding blooper: "Danielle's Prehensile Foot Dance", 2 for the price of 1!


The thumbnail of the original animation(left) and the blooper animation(right).

The original animation starts with Danielle Lipstick peeling 3 bananas to a row with her feet. She grabs 2 of them with her hands so she can hold the last one with her left foot. It stays between her toes. Danielle eats all 3 bananas she's holding, when Joe Monkey falls in love with her! Maybe because she was eating like a monkey! But then she shoves another banana into his mouth as he tries to kiss her, using her prehensile right foot!

See the animated version of this mini-comic in "Banana Bash 2"!

I don't recommend that you eat bananas like this in front of many people (especially at a table) because it might disgust them if you have food between your toes. However, since they're your feet, if you've cleaned them & don't plan to feed the food to someone else, it's not so disgusting. (Whether you have hands or not) Then again, there are always utensils to grip with your toes instead of the actual food!

It's a good thing bananas have peels so Danielle didn't have to touch the edible jelly with her dirty feet. (Don't worry. Her feet weren't that dirty!) Instead, she touched the banana peels with her feet so no germs could get on her food. Bananas are her favorite fruit and sometimes she eats them like this when they are several of them around.

In the blooper version: "Danielle's Prehensile Foot Dance", the bananas were rotten since they had molds on the jelly. What's odd about this is that the peels didn't have dark spots on them; the peels weren't even completely black! (Real rotten bananas have black peels) Danielle isn't stupid enough to eat rotten bananas, so instead, she plays with them! (Playing with your food is bad manners, but if the food is spoiled rotten & sickening to eat anyway, it might as well be a toy! Normally, toys don't get eaten, right?)

The moldy jelly of the rotten bananas & the fact that they're in between Danielle's wiggling toes makes the cartoon gross, but her sexy appearance makes it cute. And so, beauty & grotesquery counterbalance each other! (We artists like to do this sometimes in our masterpieces!) If you thought Danielle tapping her prehensile foot & wiggling a rotten banana between her toes to music was cute, then I'm glad you enjoyed the cartoon! If you thought it was gross, then sorry about the disgust it may have caused you, but the idea was to have gross & cute balance each other out.

Maybe Danielle's toenails would have made it look a bit cuter, if I drew them. However, cartoonists often don't draw nails on toes or fingers to save drawing time; they're only necessary in an extreme close-up. By the way, about Danielle's toenails, she usually has French pedicures because she loves them so much. Sometimes, she will wear shiny silver nail polish or a color or pattern that matches her clothes on her toenails.

To conclude this commentary, let's remember this art formula:

Gross + Cute = Sexy!

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