This is the map of all the chunks of land in Blueworld!

Pizzanama: the "America" of Blueworld!

Spagetopia: the biggest chunk of land in Blueworld!

Crazegea: the strangest place in Blueworld!

Frostina: the coolest place in Blueworld!

Cheddar Island: the land of cheese!

Kit Kat Land: the island of chocolate & home of the number people! Kit Kat Land is also called Browneight!

Alpho: home of the letter people!

Foodland: home of the food people!

Steak Island: the last piece of land found in Blueworld! Discovered by the food people!

Dollar Island: island shaped like the dollar symbol!

Cent Island: island shaped like the cent symbol!

Trash Island: island of trash!

Prison Island: Moonsburg criminals are taken here after arrest!

Pea Island: Blueworld's smallest country!

North & South Sanka: North Sanka's a land of sand, South Sanka is...just another island!

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