Bossy Burger: The Commentary

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This episode's story starts with the fact that Snippy Scissors the mayor of Moonsburg, Pizzanama needed a vacation due to the stress of his job. He wanted a royal substitute from the Weird Gang AKA Extraordinares. As a boss, he also wanted someone with enough experience. Burger Food was his final choice since he's the king of his home country Foodland. The others were just teenaged princesses & a queen; Burger was the oldest member to choose. Danielle, Michelle & Alice didn't like Snippy's decision at all; even though they formed a truce with Burger in the Season 5 Finale, they didn't think he could be trusted with so much power over the city! Plus, Snippy forbade the citizens of Moonsburg from impeaching his substitute! (I forgot to include this part of the story...kind of.) So they had to do what Burger says. Looks like Burger finally got his big break!


With his new authority over Moonsburg, he created laws to eliminate sexual discrimination; however, they were perhaps a little bit too extreme. If you examine the next scene under this paragraph, you'll see how the firefighters got so confused with Burger's new "sex-equality" laws during his temporary reign; they were trying to save people trapped in a burning hospital, and it just so happens that all of the female patients in there were pregnant, so the firefighters wanted to especially save them first. But then they remembered Burger's new "sex-equality" laws & figured that he could punish them if they break his new laws by, as Burger would say: "neglecting the men" or "giving the ladies special treatment"! So they tried Burger's way of saving everyone: letting the fastest person go first! The good thing is that the firefighters wanted to save both the males & females inside the flaming building, but they also wanted to be considerate of the fact that the females were pregnant.

This scene of the episode kind of explains why gentlemen are expected to let ladies go first. If the pregnant woman dies, so does her unborn baby. It's considered very, very, very cruel to kill babies! (Trust me, cops really hate baby killers! BIG TIME!) The idea is to allow the human species to reproduce & give embryos a chance to live a full life. And guess what, ladies: somehow, your babies can save your life before they're born! If a female criminal was to be sentenced to death but is however pregnant, then the law would have to spare her life so that the innocent, unborn baby won't be killed.


I do think it is polite & nice to let a lady (or a group of ladies) go first so she/they don't have to wait, however there are 2 sides to everything. (I'm talking about pros & cons; pros are positive pointers, cons are negative pointers.) The "Ladies First" thing forces the gentleman/gentlemen to wait his/their turn(s). If 1 of the gentlemen is in a hurry, tough luck for him! Nevertheless, a proverb says: "Patience is a virtue", in other words, it pays to be more patient. Now that I think about it, maybe this is how I developed the main character of this episode. Unfortunately, Burger is NOT the most patient character in the cartoon series! But he has a point; every player in the game deserves a turn. Plus, depending on some situations, time matters. So ladies, if a gentleman gives you the opportunity to go first, please don't hesitate!

The penultimate scene of the episode is the most interesting part of the story I think because Alice Liddell & her nemesis the Queen of Hearts argued about which go first in court: a verdict or a sentence. Burger agreed with Alice that a verdict should always go first, because it's the right way. But then Bonnie Saturns-Snippy's secretary-questions the fact that he agrees that verdicts should always go first, but why not ladies? That was a good question! But yeah, there ARE times when, for some reason, a lady can't be first! After Bonnie asked her question, Burger started to think that maybe he did abuse his authority on the citizens of Moonsburg.


Sometimes, even if you have the power to make a change, maybe you shouldn't make that change! Some types of changes can cause catastrophe! Anyway, the main theme of this episode is:

Law & Order

Burger decided to renounce his temporary authority over Moonsburg. Then, in the ultimate scene, we get to see Sally B. Martin do the Memory Take! (She remembered all those times when Burger would get very upset & jealous whenever he hears someone say "Ladies & Gentlemen"(It was like a trigger word!), so since she thought he would get upset about it again, she sighs & changes the permutation for her announcement!) Sally was going to tell the audience that Burger gave up his authority, but his presence made it obvious. Since Burger learned a valuable lesson about power, he didn't take it personally this time. The other characters learned from him, too! To conclude this commentary, just remember that even rules themselves must have some limitations. But more importantly, they must make sense!

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