Burger Behind Bars, Along With Some Friends!: The Commentary

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In this 35th episode of Season 3, Burger & his friends Onio, Kickball & Mouse-Bill got arrested; the story begins with the 4 guys in a prison cell. The cop in the picture to the left of this paragraph also appeared in the episode entitled: "Burger the Beefcake", which is 11 episodes earlier than this one. He is the only supernumerary character to appear in 2 cartoons of Blueworld Adventures; normally, supernumeraries only appear in 1 cartoon and never again since they're supposed to be 1-time characters. In the earlier episode, this cop warned Burger that he'd arrest him if he catches him hitting another lady. In this episode, the cop had to appear again to show that he meant business! He arrested Burger after all! At least Burger didn't go to jail alone!

Burger & friends got arrested since the 4 Brass Ladies of this cartoon - Sally Brittany Martin, Sue Amy Martin, Candy Mississippi Stripes & Fudge Coco Stripes - called the police on them! Since these Brass Ladies captured Graham Cracker the Gingerbread Man who is a friend of Burger & the other guys, they had to rescue him before the hungry ladies eat him up! Burger & the 3 other Hamburger Heavy Metallers beat the Brass Ladies up to save Graham's life. After Graham escaped & thanked his friends, Sally & the other Brass Ladies got really angry this time! Sally was serious about calling the police! So when Burger & his friends nearly returned home, the cops caught & arrested them! They were under arrest for "Assault & Battery". The judge sentenced them to 60 days in prison.

The Hamburger Heavy Metallers used violence to defeat the Brass Ladies in most of their disputes when they used to be mortal enemies. Despite the victories of the Hamburger Heavy Metallers, they got into more trouble than the Brass Ladies did, since in society, men hitting women is greatly frowned upon! But unfortunately for gentlemen, some women use violence against men sometimes, and men are told to never hit women, even if the women strike first. It seems very unfair to a poor gentleman who suffered from an angry lady's attack, but here's a good yes-or-no question about it:

Is the lady victorious?

There's no guarantee that your opponents will fight you fairly, so it's better to seek victory than fairness. Also, when you're not allowed to use violence against your opponents, use non-violence instead! (That's how you fight a lady like a gentleman!)

Anyway, the 4 imprisoned fighters got a visit from their friend Mack Ah'roni the Mouse. During the visit, Mack told them that there's a better way to solve their problems with the Brass Ladies. He told them to try being gross instead; use grossness to repel violent females away from them! Mack's idea worked, so the Hamburger Heavy Metallers got into less trouble ever since!

At the ending, we see Robert Martin Sr. the Cook with the Brass Ladies as Burger & friends taunt them. As the Brass Ladies approached, Burger & friends stuck out their tongues with worms on them, which grossed the Brass Ladies out! They lost their appetites, so Robert's barbeque was ruined! Since Robert is on the Brass Ladies' side, maybe they should be called the Brass Ladies & 1 Man! This time, Burger & his pals defeated the ladies with non-violence instead of violence, so the cops couldn't arrest them!

In conclusion, when it comes to winning disputes, you must remember to follow the rules. Win the game legally, because if the referees find out that you cheated, then they'll take away your trophies. As long as you don't break the rules of the game, your victories will really count; that's the moral of this episode's story.

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