Burger's Redemption: The Commentary

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The images on the left of this paragraph are the part of the story that was previously shown at sito.org. Burger's nightmare started when his deceased dad-Macintosh "Big Mac" Food-appeared in his dream to give him an important message from beyond the grave. Burger already earned 6 out of 7 badges he needed to fully receive redemption. But then his dad shed a tear for him, because if he dies before getting this final badge, then his soul wouldn't be sent to Heaven. Instead, he would be sent to Hell.

We get to see Burger's idea of Hell in this cartoon! It's a place where people can never find happiness ever again; that's why it's called Hell. Of course, Heaven is the opposite; it's a paradise & in paradise, there is no sorrow, just eternal happiness! The infinite line of ladies & the she-demon blocked Burger's path to Heaven! An infinite series of ladies followed by a man would NEVER have a man in it because it simply doesn't end! That's the gag of the scene! Infinity is just endless; that's how it works! (Have you noticed that they're all clones of Candy Stripes? Where are they all coming from, you ask? Very good question!)

You know what? There's really no such thing as an infinite line of ladies in this world, so I don't think we gentlemen have to worry about that! (Or is there?...Infinity is just part of nature. But finiteness is actually more complicated than infinity!) But seriously, ladies, that's an extremely cruel (but hilarious) way to treat a gentleman! What was going to happen to Burger next before he wakes up from this nightmare is that a bunch of other she-demons were going to appear &...Oh, no, I can't draw that many she-demons, & I don't want to either! The scene would be so violent that this cartoon would have to be rated X!

They were going to gang up on him, attack him, torture him, & kill him repeatedly for all eternity! (What an extremely harsh destiny that would be!) Plus, they're demonic versions of every lady that ever existed, does exist & will exist! This gang of villainesses (that I wouldn't draw except that I drew the one that resembles Sue Amy Martin) is so cruel, that I think they would make females in general look too bad! The name of their team is:

Invincible Evil!

The name suits them since Burger's odds in his favor are zero(0)! Burger had this nightmare because he hadn't received redemption yet for some of the not-so-heroic actions he did in Pizzanama. (They were mostly related to ladies by the way...)

Anyway, the she-demons used the "Ladies First" rule to keep Burger in Hell for eternal torture, but fortunately, he woke up before they could attack him! Did I mention that each she-demon is a demonic version of an actual female character? Burger saw the demonic versions of just about every lady in the universe! (Both real & fictional; even female characters from other cartoon series!) They practically represent Burger's gynephobia, which is the fear of women. However, that fear helped him wake up before it was too late. Also, this nightmare convinced him to have respect for the ladies indeed; otherwise, using some infinitude, they could block his way to Heaven for real!

This is the symbol for the team of villainesses called "Invincible Evil"; the female symbol represents that they're all female(obviously), the horns represent that they're demonic & the question mark represents that each one can look like a specific lady.

Speaking of infinity, weird but interesting stuff happens when you apply infinity to certain physical things; in this case, a set of ladies! According to math, recurring decimals are also the sums of an infinite series of fractions with a common ratio that's less than the absolute value of 1. They can even add up to a whole number! It's all about limits. (You can read more information about recurring decimals in the Math Section.) Just as how as if you continue adding gradually smaller fractions forever but get a whole number instead of infinity, if you keep adding ladies to a set forever, then you can never have a man in it...Until you stop expanding it with just ladies & add a man for a change, which breaks the infinitude of ladies! (And then there's space! But you only have to consider that if a set has a limited size. In other words, boundaries.)

So with infinity toggled on, "Ladies First" converges to "Ladies Only"! (It has the same effect as a girls-only club in the real world.) Remember that infinity expands forever because it's boundless; to toggle it off, simply add something to end the expansion. Returning to the story, Burger had to find out what to do so he wouldn't be excluded from Heaven like that.

Burger found out from Sally that he forgot to remove that restraining order, which forbade the Brass Ladies & their relatives from visiting Burger's home country Foodland, since their war with the Hamburger Heavy Metallers ended in the Season 5 Finale. Turns out that was the last action he needed to do to receive redemption. Of course Burger didn't want any enemies in his home (who does?) but the Brass Ladies always wanted to visit Foodland for the experience, despite their disputes with the Hamburger Heavy Metallers. Now that the restraining order has been removed, it was worth it to form a truce with Burger & the other Hamburger Heavy Metallers! Now that they're allowed in Foodland, the Brass Ladies practically removed his restraining order from Heaven by giving him redemption!

The asterisks show where the cities are; the arrow shows the direction of travel on the path.

In conclusion, when it comes to clubs, sets, series or whatever you choose to call them, you don't want to be in a group that excludes you. That group could keep adding more & more people into it forever, but if it still excludes you for whatever reason(s), don't bother joining it! Because it means they don't want you for a member! Infinity itself can be used to exclude something(or someone), too, as Burger's hellish nightmare has proved!

P.S.: Without a sense of humor, Burger might have had the Brass Ladies executed for real! Then he would neither receive redemption nor go to Heaven!

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