Carnivore Controversy: The Commentary

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In this episode from Season 7, I concentrated on the issue of vegetarianism vs. eating meat. Which do you do? I eat from every food group! All types of food have some nutritional value, even sweets! However, some foods are more nutritious than others; sweets often have less nutritional value than other foods.


Anyway, Burger Food represents forceful vegetarianism in this cartoon. Forceful vegetarians say that eating meat is wrong since it comes from animals that have feelings; plus, the animals have to be killed to get it. However, eating meat doesn't necessarily make you a murderer. Besides, you can eat meat & still value life. (I don't think all carnivorous animals are so wild & brutal that they quickly want to kill every other animal they see!) I acknowledge the fact that meat is a piece of a dead animal that is used for food, but if you aren't responsible for the animal's death, you don't feel so uncomfortable about it, unless you're a vegetarian or a vegan. (Vegans won't consume any food that comes from an animal, not even milk, honey or cheese! You don't even have to kill the cow to get milk!) Also, vegetables (& fruit) are pieces of a plant, which is also a living thing, that's used for food.

Burger kind of spoiled Robert Martin Sr.'s barbeque after tossing his grill into the lake! After he left, he sought advice from Mr. Caterpillar of Wonderland, who taught him a lesson about "raining on other people's parades". Besides, Alice Liddell eats meat although Mr. Caterpillar doesn't, and still they are friends. (Why should diets wreck friendships?) It's not really nice to force people to eat what you want them to eat or not; although you can limit how much meat you eat to help preserve animal life in the world. Even though people who don't eat meat somewhat live longer, don't be scared if you do eat meat! Meat has protein. Protein is very good for you, it makes you a better thinker & gives you more physical strength; exercise helps, too! However, vegetables are good for you, too; they have plenty of vitamins to improve your sight. I encourage you to eat from every food group; the trick is to make the foods you eat work for you. Besides, to all those forceful vegetarians out there: I don't come to your house & tell you to stop eating vegetables!


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