Character Transformation & Evolution

Have you noticed how some of the characters of "Blueworld Adventures" transform after using special items? The characters or their clothes change color during these transformations! For example: Derek C. Jr.'s blue fur glows a bright red color after he eats power peppers; it shows that he's all charged up with fire power!

His sister Devon C. Jr. wears a purple dress that glows a bright green color after she eats power peppers. Her hair bow also glows this same green color. The glow makes her skin appear greenish, too.

Burger Food glows a bright red color, too, after eating power peppers to charge up his fire power, but his red is darker than Derek's.

Burger has other transformations as well, like for example: when he touches these special yellow diamonds, they make bat wings grow out of his back so he can fly! Also, when Burger feels a lot of rage, he transforms into a green hamburger hulk! (You may have already seen these transformation scenes in the Season 3 episode: "The Amazing Flying Hamburger", and the Season 4 episode: "Bellicose Burger!")


Sometimes, these transformations simply wear off after a while, or they last until the characters suffer an attack from an enemy. There are certain super items that are reserved for use by some characters, and then there are other super items that almost all the characters can use! The yellow diamonds, for example, only give Foodlandians the ability to fly for a while. (It has something to do with DNA...) Some characters can become more powerful without transforming! However most of the time, the super items make them transform to show how powerful they are. Some episodes thru out the series have more information about this; look out for it!

One example that almost every character can use is:

Now on to evolution: Some characters have evolved thru the seasons of the series. For example: Burger's buns have gradually changed to a more saturated orange color since the 2nd half of Season 5. In seasons 1-4, his buns are a paler, creamy color. The more saturated orange shows that he's gotten physically stronger. He's stronger in Season 5 & beyond than he was before Season 5!

Sally Brittany Martin had shorter hair in seasons 1 & 2, and the 1st half of Season 3. In the 2nd half of Season 3, starting with this episode: “The Number Hater”, Sally's blonde hair was noticeably longer; it goes below her shoulders! This is due to a lack of haircuts!

Danielle Lipstick wore periwinkle eye shadow in her 1st few appearances in Season 4 (Including the animation: "Pressure Princess"), but in Season 5, she permanently switched to lavender eye shadow. Also, her nose gradually got pointier than in her very 1st appearance: “Heartbreaking Humbug!”

Other ways the characters changed & evolved:

Despite these transformations & evolution thru the series’ seasons, the characters don’t change so much that you can't recognize them, unless you consider shape-shifting spells!

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