Christmas Vs. Halloween: The Commentary

This super special cartoon story in the Bonus Mini-Comic Strip/Storybook Subset of the Extra Section is based on an interesting dream I had for Easter & Passover in the year 2015. It's also about the seemingly opposite differences of Christmas & Halloween. Perhaps these 2 holidays are the most popular ones of the year. They tend to counterbalance each other.


The #1 difference I noticed about these 2 holidays is that Christmas rewards people for kindness (being nice), but Halloween seems to reward people for cruelty (being naughty), sometimes! So if these holidays were personified characters, they'd probably be enemies for this particular reason. On Halloween, people may play tricks (nice or mean), give treats, or even give tricky treats! Some people say that Halloween is satanic because of its scariness; this holiday doesn't seem to have a good reputation. On the other hand, people normally don't try to frighten you for Christmas. They give you presents, especially if you're a nice person; naughty people get coal. Santa Claus may not give naughty ones what they want for Christmas, but these same people may sometimes get away with that naughtiness on Halloween when they play mean, scary tricks! Then again, there's karma!

Santa Claus participates in the Christmas Vs. Halloween survey; Dr. Foolish wears an arrow band as his Halloween costume; Derek C. Jr. wears a birthday party hat to celebrate Dr. Foolish's birthday.

Since I had this interesting dream during the Easter season, I decided that Easter (the personification of it) should be the one who tells Quentin Clockwise about the conflict between Christmas & Halloween in this special story. Did you notice that Easter is a combo of an egg & a rabbit? I designed the character like that to make a twist!


For the fight, I gave Christmas & Halloween suitable superpowers:

Fortunately, Quentin was able to stop the fight before they destroyed each other. Quentin mentioned that if 1 holiday wins, the other would disappear from the spacetime continuum/yearly calendar and no one outside the Holiday Dimension would ever remember it existed. (What a tragic fate!) How would things be like without Christmas or Halloween? Maybe we wouldn't like it at all!

Anyway, to settle their differences, Dr. John Von Foolish had the idea of celebrating both holidays simultaneously on his 44th birthday. (February 29th, 2016) You know that day only occurs on leap years! I figured that would be the best date since it doesn't occur on common years. Despite the pros & cons of both of these holidays, perhaps most people enjoy them both equally. Even Ebenezer Scrooge & the Grinch learned to love Christmas! And Sabrina Pixie learned to love Halloween! Patience Muffet may not have a favorite holiday, but she tries to enjoy every day she gets.

P.S.: Quentin Clockwise tells Danielle Lipstick about a holiday that disappeared from the calendar tragically & permanently in a mini-comic strip I made as a sequel to this story. It even had something to do with February being the shortest month of the year & why leap years occur. You can find the cartoon about this in the Still Image/Pocket Joke Section, Page #13.

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