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This is a preview of the Season 8 Finale of Blueworld Adventures/Blueworld & Beyond. The Brass Ladies & Hamburger Heavy Metallers signed apology letters to each other for all the mean things they did to each other thru the years. In this 8th season of the series, they have already become allies, but are still questioning each other's actions. The final 2 panels are my favorite part of the story; Burger & Sally ask each other that hilarious question that enemies would probably ask each other! (They used to be enemies.)
This is a preview of Season 7, Episode 14 of Blueworld Adventures. Goldilocks(Goldie Ellen Locks) went to Insectville to recover one of the Weird Gang AKA Extraordinares' trophies that the villains of the series stole from them. As she lifts the trophy from the glue on the concrete, she loses her balance and accidentally crushes several buildings of Insectville with her butt! She's a giantess compared to the residents of course, but despite her apology, the angry insect army attacks her, so she had to fight back. The tiny soldiers tied her up with a sticky, web-like fluid; it was too strong for her to break. These little guys certainly weren't as forgiving as the 3 bears were! The insect army is ready to execute her; how will she escape this terrible fate? There's a little more to see the 2nd part of the preview...
Here is the 2nd part of the preview of the 14th episode of Season 7 of Blueworld Adventures. This is the entire argument scene near the middle of the story. Derek C. Jr. & Alice Liddell who is Goldilocks' cousin see the report about Goldilocks' dilemma and got pissed with the army of Insectville; they're ready to go save her. Before they went, they had this interesting argument with their friends about what to do. Finally, they all decide to take action since their friend & fellow club member is about to be killed hastily by an angry insect army. Will they succeed?
This is a preview of the 9th episode of Blueworld & Beyond(2nd chronicle of Blueworld Adventures whichs begins in Season 8). Mr. Xerxes X & Mr. Youstance Y are fighting with light sabers! Cool, huh? Do you like "Star Wars"? Anyway, these 2 letter-men hold a grudge against each other; they got in trouble with their king who banished them from their homeland-Alpho. Derek the Blue Monkey-Man & Dr. Foolish restrain them in the 2nd panel before they kill each other. These rivals have been fighting each other for years! Can Derek & Dr. Foolish resolve their conflict so they'll stop fighting?
This is part of Season 8, Episode 15 of Blueworld Adventures/Blueworld & Beyond. In this episode, Burger becomes the temporary mayor of Moonsburg since the real mayor Mr. Snippy Scissors needed a vacation; Snippy chose him to be mayor until he comes back home. Burger took advantage of this opportunity to change the rules of society to his liking! Joe Martin(of the Photonese Martins)-Sally Brittany Martin's father-called Mayor Burger for help. He & the other fire fighters were confused since Burger fixed things so that "sexual discrimination against men" was made illegal. The problem was that all the women in this flaming apartment building were pregnant, as Joe Martin says, so the fire fighters wanted to help them first; but that was against one of Burger's new laws! Burger suggests that the fastest person should go first, then the 2nd fastest, and so on, and finally the slowest.(That's Burger's way!) Unfortunately, when society tried doing things Burger's way, it caused all sorts of catastrophe! Will Burger be able to handle the catastrophe, despite his new laws, or will his laws cause Moonsburg to go up in smoke?
This is a preview of the 32nd episode from the 4th season of Blueworld Adventures. Principal character Derek C. Jr. the Blue Monkey-Man & his friends traveled back in time to their world's stone age to revisit their 2 cave-dwelling friends-Calvin Roxwell & his sister Sherry. But unfortunately after the visit, Drake the Tyrannosaurus captured all 11 time travelers before they could get back to their time machine! Now Drake is about to eat them for lunch; he even taunts the ladies especially, threatening to eat them first! But Derek tells Drake that eating so much female prey is unhealthy for a predator because females usually have more body fat than males.(Sorry, ladies, but it's true! However, it's natural & nothing to be ashamed of.) Derek gives Drake this health advice to distract him, but the plan starts to backfire on him when Drake decides he's heard enough & decides to eat HIM first! How will Derek & his friends escape this fate? Will they get untied or eaten?
This is a preview of Season 1, Episode 11 of Blueworld Adventures. In this episode, our antihero Burger Food gets jealous of the Brass Ladies because they get to go first; so jealous that he challenges them to a sleigh race on Mount Toenail-the biggest mountain in their world! If he wins the race, he'll abolish the "Ladies First" thing out of the club, else if they win, it stays. But only 1 Brass Lady was allowed to race him as part of the deal. Sue Martin(of the Photonese Martins) volunteers, but will the whole "Ladies First" idea have to be discontinued because of Burger's envy? Be sure to check out the prequel, too! (Season 1, Episode 3)
This is a preview of the 12th episode of the 7th season of Blueworld Adventures. This is my favorite part of that comic strip, too! The 7 Mystical Candles were used to erase the memories of these villians. The one on the left is Mr. Harry Fool; ironically, he's the opposite of hairy, bald! Get it? The one in the middle is Bubblepuss; he uses those bumps on his cheeks to make people sick. And the one on the right is Dr. Wanda Wicked; she's a mad scientist who was always jealous of Dr. Foolish in school. They were arrested for intruding Dr. Foolish's clubhouse.
This is a scene from Season 6, Episode 2 of Blueworld Adventures. Goldilocks(Goldie Ellen Locks) became an Extraordinare(member of the Weird Gang) in this episode. This is the scene when she plays video games with the Annie Sisters' portable game consoles. Unfortunately, she accidentally deleted some of the data files from the game she thought was too violent.
This is a preview of Season 9, Episode 1 of "Blueworld Adventures/Blueworld & Beyond". Burger's reputation needs some serious improvement! It's so bad that the toy companies of Blueworld(AKA Photonis) are making figurines of him to make him look even worse! Even though his war with the Brass Ladies is over, Burger still has a problem! Plenty of the citizens of Pizzanama think Burger is a woman-hater. His actions in fighting for men's rights only make him seem that way. Several folks misunderstood his actions, which is why his reputation is so bad. What will Burger & his friends do to clean up his public image? How will they do it, and will they succeed?
This is a preview of Season 5, Episode 2 of "Blueworld Adventures" & this is one of my favorite episodes of my cartoon series! The 6 characters in the 1st panel: Derek C. Jr., Crayonman(Carlton Marker), Blackie the Blob, Sally B. Martin, Sabrina Pixie, & Danielle Lipstick all wished that they could be their opposite sexes, and then KA-BLAM! The genie of the 7 Mystical Candles granted their wish since they were within range! Every member of the club in this episode got sex-inverted! Talk about a gender bender! Dr. Foolish was quite pissed to have his sex inverted without his permission. (Currently, he is a she in this preview!) As Dr. Foolish says, the 7 Mystical Candles needed a recharge after granting such a wish, so the characters will be stuck like this for a while; but how will this sex inversion affect their lifestyles?
This is a preview of the penultimate episode of the 9th season of Blueworld Adventures/Blueworld & Beyond. Goldilocks(Goldie Ellen Locks) overheard Groundman AKA Grover Ravel asking Smokey the Genie to undo his wish of immortality; although Groundman is immortal, he's not so happy since he has to feel itchy footsteps within a 6-foot radius. But Smokey already told him that it can't be undone. So he cried, but his friends already cheered him up. After telling Goldilocks about it, she wanted to be immortal, too; but Groundman says that actually she could be the lucky one since living forever in misery is worse than dying.(What's the point in staying alive forever if you can't be happy about it because something's making you miserable?) When Goldilocks starts to cry & mourn the tragedy about her parents, she asks "What makes death natural anyway?" Then, Derek the Blue Monkey-Man rushes in to give her a mail that was sent to her...by the Grim Reaper! Let me guess what you could be thinking right now: "Goldilocks & her big mouth", right? Will Goldilocks conquer her necrophobia(fear of death)? Will she really get to have a special meeting with the Grim Reaper like he promises, or is she soon about to die?
This is a preview of the 10th episode of the 2nd chronicle of Blueworld Adventures/Blueworld & Beyond. These are 6 of the Brass Ladies: Candy Stripes, Fudge Stripes, Danielle Lipstick, Michelle Lipstick, Goldie Ellen Locks, & Alice P. Liddell(From left to right respectively). These ladies were hungry(and they usually are; their appetites are huge!) from their tour of Brain's home planet-Logica AKA Wisdom World. Brain found them as soon as they found food in the jungle to eat, but these aren't ordinary bananas! The bananas turned them into ape-women! The transformation makes their feet more prehensile, but cuts their intelligence in half, as Brain says. Can he turn them back to normal?
This is my favorite panel from Season 8, Episode 5 of Blueworld Adventures/Blueworld & Beyond. That dark gradient in the background gives you the feeling of outer space. Anyway, our hero Derek Cyannus Jr. just defeated 2 cactus-pillars!(Half cactus, half caterpillar monsters) That bridge dropped down from the other blimp-like ship, so our hero can proceed with his mission to rescue Mr. Ned Target from the evil alien Pueblo. You'll see those 2 other characters in the next part of the preview.
This is the 2nd part of the Season 8, Episode 5 preview of Blueworld Adventures/Blueworld & Beyond. The victim behind the electric cage is Mr. Ned Target; he is the wimpiest character in the cartoon series; most of the villains pick on him and he gets scared very easily and is too chicken to fight back! Derek Cyannus Jr. the hero came to rescue him from the alien villain Pueblo. Did you read what Pueblo said? What a jerk! Do you believe in aliens? I do, and when we meet aliens, we should consider this logic: Some of them may be friendly, but others may be like Pueblo: antagonistic aliens who like to destroy things, like planets! Never fear! Surely if we do meet aliens someday, the friendly aliens may help us defend ourselves against the evil ones and bring them to justice. Like Derek C. Jr. says in the story, Pueblo needs a good spanking!
This is a preview of the 10th episode of Season 2 of "Blueworld Adventures". Burger and his 2 friends Onio & Mouse-Bill want to see a movie called "Sour Ball Z". (Notice the name parody of "Dragon Ball Z") But whenever they get to the ticket booth, the 6 Annie Sisters AKA Squashington Sextuplets keep beating them there, and by coincidence, the 6 girls keep getting the last 6 tickets to the movie! The movie is so popular that it gets sold out quickly! Poor Burger, Onio & Mouse-Bill aren't getting a chance to see "Sour Ball Z" because these 6 sextuplet sisters are being too pushy! Even at other theaters it gets sold out! Will Burger & his pals get to see the movie, or will they have to wait until it comes out on video?
This is a preview of Season 5, Episode 3 of Blueworld Adventures. This should remind you of Velma Dickley-the smart girl with glasses in the Scooby Doo Gang! Dr. John Von Foolish tripped over a microphone cord while judging a beauty contest in his clubhouse, causing his glasses to come off, and without his glasses, he's blind! The contestants are the Brass Ladies, and they dressed up as princesses. After Dr. Foolish's glasses fell off, the Brass Ladies looked all over the room, but one of them-Danielle Stephanie Lipstick-accidentally stomped on Dr. Foolish's glasses! After wearing them for 2 decades, this happens: they get crushed under a clumsy lady's foot! Dr. Foolish was heartbroken; Danielle apologizes of course, but he gets upset with her and calls her funny, foot-related names! He forgives her, but tells her that she must take responsibility for breaking his glasses. Since Danielle doesn't know how to fix eye glasses, she'll have to replace them instead, but will she get new glasses that suit Dr. Foolish's eyes?
This is part of the 13th episode of Season 8 of Blueworld Adventures/Blueworld & Beyond. This is the scene when the heroes get ready to travel to Horrible Halloween Galaxy to rescue their 3 friends: Sabrina Pixie, Danielle Lipstick, & Maryanne Maidenson from their former friend Kooshy, who turned into a werewolf! Susan Martin(of the Photonese Martins) had to zonk Michelle Lipstick since she's afraid of flying. Goldilocks wasn't scared of flying, but knowing that Halloween is the scariest holiday of the year, she didn't want to visit a galaxy named after it. But Derek the Blue Monkey-Man shows her the sweets inside Danielle's hat, so she changed her mind and decided to be brave for her friends. She gorges on the chocolate candy! Did our heroes & heroines successfully rescue their 3 kidnapped friends?
This is a scene from Season 6, Episode 9 of Blueworld Adventures, when the supervillain Super Speaker Man reveals that he & his ancestors invented vulgar words. The superheroine Sabrina C. Pixie gets really pissed about the fact that he put vulgar words in the English language, and his evil family helped! Then she noticed the paragraph printed under the statue. I love this part of the cartoon the best because you get to read the moral of the story before it ends! You got to read what it says there! Note: Some of the dialogue from the full version has been truncated for the preview.
This is a preview of Season 7, Episode 8 of Blueworld Adventures, when a rarely seen member of the Weird Gang AKA Extraordinares - Kooshy - is demoted to a janitor since he has no superpowers. Derek the Blue Monkey-Man gives Kooshy an assignment: to give Goldilocks a tour of the clubhouse since she's the newest member. But Kooshy thinks the club is getting too crowded! He has to clean up after the newer members because it's his duty! He has trouble getting along with the newer members, especially Danielle Lipstick, who keeps commanding him to put on some shoes. But he's too poor to afford them! His problems with the newer members even distract him from giving Goldilocks a tour of the clubhouse! Will all of this end well?
This is a preview of Season 3, Episode 31 of Blueworld Adventures. Burger Food had so many bad days, that he's sick of it! He decided to stay in bed all day! Why? To prevent himself from having another bad day! No matter how much his big sister Cheeseburger convinces him to get out of bed, he still insists on staying in bed all day. Will he succeed or will the day still turn out bad somehow?

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