Full-Length Comic Strips Page 3

Feel free to print out the comics for personal entertainment, but please do not use them for commercial purposes.

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  1. Damaged Dad

  2. If Girls Are Invincible...

  3. Poisonous Power

  4. Pressure Princess: The Aftermath

  5. Hilary's Bad Day

  6. Burger's Reputation

  7. Phone Fairies

  8. Insect Urge

  9. Music Story!

  10. Blondie Boredom or Messy Mischief(Part 1)

  11. Blondie Boredom or Messy Mischief(Part 2)

  12. Donut Disaster!

  13. Follow That Can!

  14. Mack's Metamophosis

  15. Great Gallons of Greed

P.S.: All of these comics are in Microsoft Word Document format to make them more printer-friendly. You will need to use Microsoft Word to open them and print them out. (Or a program called "Pages" for modern MAC's)

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