Dark Depression: The Commentary

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This is the 6th episode of the 1st season of "Blueworld Adventures/Blueworld & Beyond" & the story starts with Derek Cyannus Jr. going into the Wipe-Out Arcade of Crescent Plaza with his pet oyster Bashful. Bashful kind of looks remarkably like Burger Meat Food, since I took another look at the character, except that Bashful is rounder, legless & has blacker eyes. Luckily for Bashful, pets are permitted into the arcade as long as they're tame & Bashful is tame! Also, notice the font of the letters. Don't they remind you of Pac-man?

Anyway, the 2 main characters stayed in the arcade so long that they got locked inside overnight! The manager of the arcade didn't see them before he took off the lights. Oh no! Derek & Bashful were in complete darkness so they couldn't see where they were going. They both bumped their heads into a wall so hard that it knocked them out! They had the exact same nightmare where they were locked into a zoo cage! After some mean, unseen, imaginary people laughed at them, the 2 noticed a sign saying: "Don't feed the monkeys". How awful! There was nothing for them to eat in the darkness in the closed arcade at the mall. It's a miracle that the 2 didn't starve to death while they were locked into the arcade overnight & asleep. However, their nightmare reminded them of their hunger!

After they woke up, it was sunrise. The 2 hungry heroes rushed home, figuring that their friends were worried about them.

The moral of this story must be that you should never stay in play-places too long, no matter how much fun you're having! Why not? Because they have schedules when they close, but they do reopen the next day. However, you don't want to get left inside an amusement park or an arcade after it closes for the night! When the managers tell you that the place is about to close, make sure you leave before the place closes. Otherwise, you might get locked inside, especially if the managers don't see you. Always be aware of schedules of places that you visit, because time matters. You can't enter a store when it's closed, obviously. But all you have to do is wait until it opens! You can found out when by looking at the schedule!

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