Deleted Scene From the Season 2 Finale: "Burger & His Big Mouth"

This is the scene that was deleted from the final episode of the 2nd Season of this cartoon series, and since it was deleted, I didn't bother to beautify it with Photoshop. It was scheduled to happen after Burger has his temper tantrum since his female friends got angry with him & turned against him. This scene was deleted because I thought that it didn't make enough sense; plus it was nearly inexplicable. However, part of the lower panel was kept in the final copy & beautified with Photoshop.

There was this rule of physics I was going to have in my cartoon universe: "Without an identity, a character cannot exist. If an identity crisis isn't resolved within a time frame, then the character will fade away." However, when real people have identity crises, they don't just fade away from existence just like that. They still exist, but they have a problem related to their identities. So why can't the same be true for my characters? I decided that rule was completely stupid! Be thankful that the laws of physics aren't that cruel!

What caused Burger to have this "identity crisis" was feeling less important than everybody else. As the principal character Derek C. Jr. says in the lower panel, Burger would have to seek professional help, but this nonsensical situation was seemingly hopeless. Finally, if Burger did fade away like this, he certainly would have died in vain, and his family would lose a member for an inexplicable reason. Overall, this scene was just plain stupid & unnecessary; so the cartoon series is better for not having it!

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