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The career path I chose is Computer Graphics and Art. I enjoy drawing pictures with computer graphics programs. I chose this path because I like to entertain people by using my cartoon images and I like to show people my creativity. I use computer graphics programs to make my images look more professional.

Using computer graphics is very convenient for cartoonists.

I think it is more convenient than drawing with a pencil and crayons, because:

The programs I use to draw my pictures are MSPaint, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Fireworks, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Macromedia Flash. When I want to draw a background, object, or one of my characters, I use MSPaint. If I want visual effects in my pictures, I use Adobe Photoshop. To animate my cartoons, I use Flash to give them motion. I use Adobe Illustrator to add more dimensionality; it works great with text design! Microsoft Word helps me with grammar & spelling mistakes, & Microsoft Excel allows me to put graphs in my cartoons! I used Dreamweaver to create this entire Website!

I enjoy this activity because it's fun! It's amazing how many worlds you can create with paper, ink, the modern technology of computer graphics, and an immense imagination. Not only imaginary worlds are created, but also imaginary beings.

The names of some of my characters are:

  1. Derek C. Jr. The Principal Character!
  2. Devon C. Jr.
  3. Burger Food
  4. Dr. John Von Foolish
  5. Sally Martin
  6. Susan Martin
  7. Candy Stripes
  8. Fudge Stripes
  9. The 6 Annie Sisters: Annie, Queenie, Scarlet, Princess, Quinn, & Quella
  10. The 5 Fantastical Fairies: Faye, Sabrina, Molly, Rosie, & Hilary
  11. Carlton Marker (His nickname is Crayonman)
  12. Calvin the Caveman
  13. Don Demonvark the Nightmare Eater
  14. Hot Dog
  15. Graham Cracker the Gingerbread Man
  16. Dick the Mosquito
  17. Archy Ant
  18. Mack the Mouse
  19. Blackie the Blob
  20. Yorkie Marker (His nickname is School Box Man)
  21. Trash Can Man
  22. TV Man
  23. Tonka the Jeep
  24. Dottie Doll
  25. Danielle Lipstick

To keep them interesting, I put my characters in situations and on adventures. Their adventures take place on their home planet Blueworld. That is why I call my cartoon series "Blueworld Adventures".

I plan to publish my work. I don't expect my cartoons to be the most popular cartoons in the world, but I hope they will be very popular. After I publish them, hopefully they will be around for a long time. I am not only a cartoonist, I also have a backup dream of being a numerologist since I also study numbers as well as other math-related stuff.

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Based on a beautiful blonde princess (who is the main character) of a hair-themed kindgom with magical flying beings called pixietails, dragons, mermaids, & other beings from fairy tales. Seriously, her first name is Lady! She also has a pinkish stripe of hair as a sign of royalty. She had a line of dolls back in her glory days, and plenty of friends to help her protect her kingdom from her jealous nemesis.

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