The Difference Between 2 Societies: The Commentary

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I think this mini-comic has a very good message about power. It is a constant reminder that the rules of societies tell us to use our powers wisely. How much power you have isn't necessarily dependent on your sex. But if a character has a lot of power, he/she/it could seriously injury weaker, more vulnerable characters with it!


In this cartoon, Burger felt grumpy about the fact that men (especially muscular men) are strictly forbidden to hit women back. Faye tells him that on her home planet Fairisha, the female fairies are magically stronger than their males, so they're not allowed to use harmful magic against males! According to most of the magical-themed manga I watched, the magical girls seem to have more powerful magic than the magical boys! Faye's comment made Burger think about how his own power should be used. He reconsidered what he was grumbling about.


Nevertheless, weaker characters should not pick on stronger characters either! Throwing the first strike technically starts a fight! If the stronger one decides to fight back the weaker one, the weaker one is likely to lose not only the fight, but also his/her/its life, or at least health. People usually squish bugs, but monks forbid people to kill bugs in their monasteries, despite how small bugs are! Monks say that all life is sacred; they won't even kill a cockroach on purpose! The monks' rules may frustrate insecticidal ladies a little bit, but if only bugs would just stay out of the houses, paths & personal spaces of these insecticidal ladies, then they certainly wouldn't be crushed to death under a lady's foot! (Or whatever other part of her body she used to kill the bug) Perhaps real bugs don't know better, but the polices of societies are very strict to their lawbreakers! Also, beware of the ignorantia juris non excusat principle. This is a Latin phrase that means: "ignorance of the law is no excuse!" Even if they don't know better, the police will still punish the criminals!

P.S.: The final paragraph explains why we have bug spray; it is used to keep bugs away from people's food, out of their rooms, et cetera.

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