The Differences Between Earthling Humans & the Human Characters of Blueworld Adventures

Notice the differences between the heads of the Earthling humans & of Dr. John Von Foolish & Candy Mississippi Stripes in the image below.

Most human characters of Blueworld Adventures have ball-shaped heads. They have ears, but unlike us humans of the planet Earth, they don't stick out; they're rather flat (except for the Mad Hatter & the Tweedle Twins Dee & Dum), so they're more difficult to notice. However, their ears can hold the arms of glasses, as you can see on Dr. Foolish. The ears are easier to notice in a close-up. Also, their necks are much shorter, so they can only be seen when they look up! (You can see the back of their necks from the back when they look down.) Men have thicker necks than women & the same is true among Photonese humans. And yes, Photonese men have Adam's apples. Human eyes(of Earthlings) are 1 eye length apart, but this is not always true for Photonese human eyes.

Some Photonese humans don't have ball-shaped heads, but are round nevertheless. For example, Sally Brittany Martin of the Photonese Martins has a slightly oval-shaped head; George Peanut-Brain the Number Hater has a pear-shaped head. Calvin Roxwell the Caveman is less evolved since he was born in the Stone Age, so he has a capsule-shaped head; however, his sister Sherry has a much rounder head than him.

Characters that are mostly human (like the 5 Fantastical Fairies) have the same head & neck traits as other fully human characters. As for the rest of the body, the characters' bodies are pretty much similar to ours except that their head-to-body ratios are different. To summarize this whole page, our head & neck traits are obviously different from theirs!

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