Dinosaur Dilemma: The Commentary

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In this 32nd episode of Season 4, 11 of the Extraordinares - Derek Cyannus Jr. Dr. John Von Foolish, Brain, Sally Brittany Martin of the Photonese Martins, Faye Philantha Pixie, Sabrina Cecilia Pixie, Molly Pixie, Rosie Ruby Pixie, Hilary Harriet Pixie, Candy Mississippi Stripes & Danielle Stephanie Lipstick - travelled back in time to their home planet's stone age to visit 2 friends - Calvin & Sherry Roxwell. (Have you noticed that Molly is the only 1 of the 5 Fantastical Fairies with no middle name?) However, Drake the Tyrannosaurus caught our 3 heroes & 8 heroines! He tied them up, & then used some firewood & his cauldron of stone to fix some soup to cook his prey. This prehistoric, giant brute likes to bully his prey before eating it. He even taunted the ladies, saying that he'll eat them first!


As you may have guessed, Drake is a misogynist. This isn't part of the story but Drake has extreme trouble getting a girlfriend! Plus, I heard that female tyrannosauruses(tyrannosauri?) were very unromantic to their males! After mating with them & laying eggs to reproduce their offspring, they drove away their husbands & literally treated them like trash! They were like: "I got what I needed from you to create children so I don't need you anymore, now get lost!!!" Furthermore, (no offense, ladies) the female of an animal species is more deadly than the male; it's an old saying. Drake the Tyrannosaurus is perhaps the most misogynistic villain of Blueworld Adventures/Blueworld & Beyond, because he certainly hates females(whether they're in his species or not). Drake is 100 times worse than the seemingly sometimes-misogynistic Burger! Burger is just an antihero; this dinosaur villain prefers to exterminate all females in general! This may make Drake seem even creepier to you, ladies, but he also thinks females are tastier than males. At least Burger wants equality between the 2 sexes.

This scene from another episode of the Calvin & Drake bonus mini-series shows more proof of Drake's misogyny. Episode title: "Fruit Frantic!" Did you read what Drake said to Sherry? What a sexist jerk!

Speaking of sex equality, the U.S. government has already done actions through out history to change old, misogynistic laws & give women the rights & privileges they deserve. However, if you think misogyny is so bad, ladies, try suffering from misandry! Hatred towards men is even more dangerous than hatred towards women. (Take it from a man's point of view.) There are times when men have to take life-threatening risks to protect women; at a man's expense, women may get special(& seemingly better) treatment because men in general are physically stronger than women. Plus, women are the ones who can give birth. So society usually expects men to protect women.


But enough about that, let's go back to the story. Principal character Derek Cyannus Jr. tried to discourage Drake from eating the ladies by telling him that females usually have more body fat than males. (Sorry ladies, but it's true! However, it's natural. Women gain weight more easily than men, too, due to pregnancy. Estrogen causes the ease of women's weight gain & allows more fat to stay in the body. Plus, women's bodies require about 8% more fat than men's bodies in general to stay healthy.) Derek also warned Drake that if he eats too many female victims, their body fat altogether will make him obese and could possibly give him a heart attack. (That's 1 way to get revenge after death!) This is my favorite part of the story: Derek says to the dinosaur: "Think about it Drake! Do you want to be healthy or not?" He successfully convinced the hungry but woman-hating dinosaur not to eat his female friends, didn't he? But the plan starts to backfire on our hero when Drake decides that he has heard enough health tips & decides to eat him first instead.

But then fortunately, the 8 Brass Ladies of this cartoon finished untying their friends. (They used their talented, prehensile toes to do it since their hands were tied & unable to move; Candy told them to take their shoes off & use their feet instead since their feet were barely untied. Drake forgot to cover their feet with the ropes!) Then, to create some slapstick, Faye & Molly splash the soup into Drake's face; it burns him! Then our 11 heroes escape into their time machine & head back to the future. That'll teach that big bully Drake not to count his eggs before they're hatched!


Drake is not only stupid, but he also has trouble hearing! When Derek told the Brass Ladies not to get upset about his fattening comment, he spoke softly so Drake couldn't hear him at all! Drake is a bad listener, too. Additionally, if he did get to eat our heroes for lunch, (the females especially) it would be an unhappy ending for all 12 characters, the entire dozen, if Drake got a heart attack indeed from all of the Brass Ladies' body fat! The real ending is better, except for the man-eating(& woman-eating) villain! The double take that the Brass Ladies did about Derek's fattening comment was humorous as well! There's 1 advantage to having more body fat: being less nutritious to predators!

P.S.: I'd like to close this commentary with a reference from the movie "Jurassic Park".

Remember to eat healthy, dear viewers!

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