Dumb Deal: The Commentary

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This is the 24th cartoon of Still Image/Pocket Joke Page #24! How coincidental! Anyway, this mini-comic is about a temptation that I faced as the creator of this cartoon series when I was still on Facebook. That company wanted me to pay them to popularize my cartoons, which was tempting, but in the end, my final answer was NO since I figured that my money would go to waste & it would allow Facebook to damage my dignity. If I paid Facebook for the popularization of my cartoons, then I would go down in history as a sucker for Facebook! I don't want the world to remember me that way! So I ultimately made the right decision! Even the Holy Bible says that I made the right decision! (There are verses about popularity that say to walk with the wise & choose your friends carefully.) If Facebook was going to pay ME to make cartoons to commercialize their social network, then it would make more sense, but since that wasn't the case, I quit the social network!


My principal character Derek Cyannus Jr. made the right decision in this cartoon, too. His hypocritical, greedy art teacher Renata Yum-yum wanted him to pay her to popularize his painting & use him as a "cash cow". However, he figured that it was a bad deal to try buying popularity for him or his artwork. So he told her: "No, I won't pay you to popularize my art!" The gold digger was disappointed, but she tried to do something disrespectful to our hero.


Here's why it's a bad idea to try to buy popularity:

  1. If you pay people to like you, then they can still decide NOT to like you; so in that case, you don't get your money's worth.
  2. If you pay somebody to popularize you or your artwork, then there's no guarantee that a lot of people will like you or your artwork; in other words, they can still decide to dislike you or your artwork. So again, you don't get your money's worth in that case. And whomever you paid for popularization has ripped you off!
  3. You could give people a million dollars & still, they might dislike you for some stupid reasons! Even the richest people in the world have enemies!


So in conclusion, spend your money wisely. Make sure that you get your money's worth after you use it to buy something. Don't waste it, because when you lose money, it can be very difficult to get it back, not to mention that some greedy penny-pinchers don't like to give refunds!

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