Commentary of the Earthworm Foot Massage Saga

You can see the original mini-animation on the Mini-Animation Page, the animated episode on the Epic Animations Page and its corresponding blooper on the Outrageous Outtakes Page.

This commentary is about the mini-animation: "Earthworm Foot Massage", its epic sequel: "Earthworm Foot Massage 2", & its corresponding blooper: "Earthworms Crushed Beneath the Feet & Between the Toes of 2 Playful Pressure Princesses". 3 for the price of 1!

In an episode from Season 2: "Mealworm Magic", at least 2 of the Brass Ladies-Candy Mississippi Stripes & Sally Brittany Martin-got to put their feet on worms without crushing them. Derek Cyannus Jr. showed them the trick first, and then explained how it works. Technically, this episode could count as part of the saga commented here, but the Lipstick Sisters-Danielle & Michelle-weren't introduced into the cartoon series yet; plus, mealworms massaged Candy & Sally's feet, not earthworms! (The kind of worm is different.) However, if you want to check out this episode also, you can find it on Page #5 of the Comic Strip Section.

At the beginning of the original mini-animation, Danielle mentions something that her friend Candy told her about the foot massage the worms from the Season 2 episode gave her. So Danielle & her sister Michelle decided to try it out. They went to a spa in downtown Moonsburg, Pizzanama for a foot massage. But earthworms were used to massage their feet instead of mealworms. Unfortunately for the worms in her tray, Danielle got so excited from the pleasure, that she put her feet back on them a bit too hard & squished them! So Michelle gave Danielle some worms from her tray; they were still alive & squirming so they could still massage the princesses' feet. At least Michelle was more careful in the original animation!

In the 2nd epic animation, we get to see a longer sequence, plus Archy Ant appears, observes what they're doing & asks them a question. A flashback scene from "Footloose Females 2" plays as he asks them the question. And then, the 2 happy girls explain something about themselves & the other Brass Ladies:

The Brass Ladies won't purposely harm any being that charms them somehow, even if it's a type of creature that they normally dislike. (Like a worm)

When Archy Ant first met the Brass Ladies, he charmed them somehow, so they became his friends, despite the fact that he's an ant. Normally, the Brass Ladies dislike & squish bugs, bugs that offend them, that is!

At the ending of the 2nd animation, Michelle even let Archy keep 1 of the worms as a pet. Notice how gentle her toe-grabbing is with her foot-massaging worms! In fact, both girls grabbed the worms gently with their toes in the 2nd cartoon!

But in the 3rd one (the blooper), after the playful sequence we see, both girls got so relaxed from the foot massage that they fell asleep. (There was a super-sexy dream sequence I wanted to show, but it would have been too much work to do. Or I might create it for a future animation...) The lack of consciousness made them squish the worms they held between their toes, and then under their feet as they wake up from the door slam! They felt sorry about the accident because the worms were charming them somehow (You know how!) instead of upsetting them. Xavier Xtremer told them not to worry about it, because it often happens, as he has seen it many times since he works at the spa.

If worms are used in foot massages in real life, what a dangerous (but sexy) job that would be for them because of the potential squishing! I also seen women put their feet in water tanks so little fish could clean their feet; the fish eat dead skin cells & germs. However, some women may be too insecticidal or not romantic enough to let worms or other tiny related critters massage their feet. Sometimes if you're charming enough, it doesn't matter how you look or what species you're in; a bug-hating, beauty-obsessed giantess/femme fatale may like you & become your friend...or at least spare your life!

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