Emily Butterfingers' Most Ignorant Pupil or the Origin of the Number Hater: The Commentary

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This mini-comic strip is about the origin of my number-hating, math-hating villain George Peanut-Brain. He used to be a student to 1 of my quaternary, heroic characters Emily Butterfingers, as you can see in the cartoon. Emily tried to tell him that he wasn't doing the addition correctly, but he insisted on doing things his way. George was unwilling to understand how numbers & math work, which is why he has such a hateful attitude & a personality full of ignorance. As Sally Brittany Martin(of the Photonese Martins) said, he was correct about digit arrangement at least, but the goal in education is to do things correctly. He actually blamed numbers & the whole counting & measuring idea for his misery. He's a villain because he went on a hateful rampage after this story ended & eventually terrorized the Number People of Kit Kat Land, but that's another story...which you can find in the Full-Length Comic Strips Section!


Coincidentally, George Peanut-Brain has brown skin & Emily Butterfingers has peach skin, so after I posted this cartoon somewhere to answer a question at Quora.com, some criticizing commenters saw this coincidence as a form of racism. If they only knew & studied my characters more, they would clearly see that no racism was intended in the making of this cartoon. They probably even assumed that I'm a racist... Well, I'm not a racist. I'm not a sexist, either, although I've found some women to be a little bit unromantic! To the right of the next paragraph, you can see a racial/skin-color-swapped version of the middle part of the mini-comic strip, which I put in this commentary to make a point. (So, to the critics, what do you think now?) I almost forgot to mention that Derek Cyannus Jr. (My principal character who appeared in the final panel) has brown skin under that blue fur all over his body!


There are good white people & bad white people just as there are good black people & bad black people. I've met good & evil in all races! The characters of my cartoons come in many different shapes, sizes, colors & species. To end this commentary, it is attitude & personality that determine a character's morality; it doesn't just have to do with a character's body shape, neither the character's size, nor skin color, nor gender, nor even species! (Otherwise, nobody would ever have a pet!)


P.S.: It pays to try to be understanding; that's what a good-hearted, loving person does. Although, nobody likes everybody! (Not to mention everything)

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