Some Tips on How to Enjoy This Cartoon Series:

So, folks, do you think "Blueworld Adventures" is a more action-packed cartoon series, or more comedy-related? Whichever your opinion is, it's a mixture of both! As the creator, I try to concentrate on adding both action & comedy to these cartoons. Some people have a taste for comedy cartoons, while others have a taste for action! Some like both action & comedy cartoons like me!

Anyway, if you don't laugh that easily, you can possibly still enjoy these cartoons if you only try harder; maybe you won't think they're so boring anymore after a next look! I admit that sometimes the humor is crude, plus the mischief related to characters' body parts may gross some people out a little, not to mention the fantasy violence, but there's always a gag or message to each short, scene, or single still image. Not everybody understands a specific message the exact same way. (I'm sure you already know that not everyone understands English! If you couldn't, would you understand this text?)

This is just an example of a fight scene with fantasy violence from the episode: "Awful Intrusion!" T.V. Man zapped a giant devil puppy dog; Derek & Burger battled a wrestling vase!

Some people think cartoons are funny, some don't; some people like them, some don't; some people have an excellent sense of humor, some don't. It all depends on their taste or opinions. If you can at least find these cartoons interesting, I can accept that, too. However, one reason why I think critics fail to enjoy cartoons (including mine) is because they don't pay enough attention to the characters' situations, or understand why the characters are happy, sad, angry, etc. Then they fail to get the gag & misunderstand the whole story altogether!

A part of the episode: "Studio Security!"; Poor Burger can't get past Maxie Mumsecurity since he forgot his ID! A scene with crude humor!

Comedians hate having to explain their jokes to their audience. A very good joke doesn't need an explanation, & it shouldn't! A joke should make people laugh instantly; besides, comedians don't want to waste their time explaining their jokes to their critics. A comedian will say something like: "If you don't like my jokes, too bad! If you can't stand the music, then get out of the concert!"

Kiteman AKA Kenny Quadrilateral takes some punishment as he fails to please his audience! See the joke that upsetted his audience somewhere in the Still Image/Pocket Joke Section!

When it comes to watching or reading these cartoons, it doesn't pay to be lazy! Laziness is one of the 7 deadly sins; so don't be too lazy to pay attention! Remember these tips:

  1. Read the dialogue so you'll know what the characters are talking about.
  2. Observe the characters' body language & emotions.
  3. Pay attention to the characters' situations.
  4. Explore the characters in the stories.
  5. If necessary, review the cartoons! Sometimes, once is not enough!
  6. Don't be too ignorant!

If you remember all 6 of these tips, then you will get the gags & messages of these cartoons so you can enjoy them even more; these tips can also help you enjoy other cartoon series as well.

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