Farewell to the Flash Player: The Commentary

Click on the cartoon for a better view. You can also see it in the Still Image/Pocket Joke Section, Page #24.

I was very, very, very disappointed when I found out that the Adobe Company publicly killed off the Flash Player, because it's needed to view my animated cartoons. I use Adobe Flash(Version CS5) to create my animations & animate my cartoons. Fortunately, Flash can convert the animations to QuickTime format or animated GIFs. But unfortunately, it's not that simple. Flash is a difficult, complicated program to use. It's not so easy to use this software! It tends to complicate things in my creation progress when I try to animate a character or convert the animation to an MOV file. Plus, animated GIFs are always silent, so that's a problem if you want your cartoon to have sound effects or music. Anyway, folks, I hope you still have the right kind of software that can display my Flash animations on your computer(s). The only Web browser that can display my animations on my computer is Chrome. So maybe that's the best Web browser to use to see my animations at my Website. In plenty other browsers, my animations are completely invisible! You don't even see a message, except for some specific browsers, if the animation is embedded on the Web page. If you still have the correct software to view my animations & you want to keep viewing them, then don't get rid of that software, because now that you can't get the Flash Player from Adobe's Website anymore, once you lose that software that lets you see my animated cartoons, chances are that you mayn't be able to see them again! Notice how Alice Pleasance Liddell mourns for you in the cartoon image.


If you have a MAC, then 1 program that can open my Flash animations is the Elmedia Video Player! Interactive buttons will still work in that player, too! Anyway, if I ever get newer, more convenient animation software, I'll switch over to that software to create more animated cartoons that should show up on your computer screens more easily. 1 of my mottos is: "Advance & become mechanized".

P.S.: I heard that the Adobe Flash Player was killed off due to some security issues... However, in my opinion, the Adobe Company could have tried a more convenient, alternative action instead of zealously destroying the Flash Player!

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