More Information About Fast-Grow Potion & Shrinking Salt

Fast-Grow Potion & Shrinking Salt are 2 special items that both change the size of the characters in Blueworld Adventures magically. However, there is a maximum and a minimum size change for each character; it depends on the character's normal size. The character must drink fast-grow potion to grow bigger, and sprinkle shrinking salt on himself/herself to shrink. If fast-grow potion is poured onto the character, then he/she might still grow bigger especially if it is poured near the character's mouth or nose. How big or small the character gets depends on how much of the potion or salt is used. Once the character reaches a maximum or minimum, he/she cannot grow or shrink any further.

A scene from the Season 4 episode: "Mischief of the 50-Foot Fairy!" when Sabrina Pixie goes to Moonsburg after drinking fast-grow potion in Dr. Foolish's lab.

Have you noticed that clothes, shoes, or worn accessories also change size with the characters? That's because clothes & such can absorb the potion or salt and take on its magic effects! That's a good thing, too, otherwise human characters would have to be naked & get arrested for indecent self-exposure, because their clothes would tear or slip off of them! The clothes will change size proportionately with the character if he/she is wearing it; however, clothes will also change size if fast-grow potion or shrinking salt is poured onto it even when it is not worn.

In the Season 3 episode: "Dr. Foolish's Hidden Power", shrinking salt was used to shrink a killer tomato & save Candy Stripes' life. It couldn't harm Candy anymore at such a small size!

Fast-Grow Potion can make a character grow up to about 16 times his/her normal size! But at the maximum size, the character will of course weigh 4,096 times his/her normal weight. The character will be 256 times stronger than normal. Since weight is proportional to volume, but strength is proportional to surface area, the character's weight grows faster than his/her strength, so he/she will have a tougher time carrying his/her own weight on his/her own legs or wings. Aquatic animals on the other hand won't have as much trouble moving (or growing) since water weakens gravity. Gravity has something to do with it, too! Since Photonis' gravity is thrice as weak as Earth's gravity, it's quite easier for someone to grow up into a giant or giantess there.

But after a while, the magic effect wears off. How long the effect lasts depends on the strength of the fast-grow potion. There's normal strength fast-grow which wears off after 1 minute, extra strength which wears off after 5 minutes, and super strength which wears off after 1 hour! (The same goes for shrinking salt) The effects of shrinking salt & fast-grow potion can cancel out each other! To make the effect last longer, more potion or salt can be used.

Two frames from the animation: "Mega Molly". Alice Liddell gives Molly Pixie fast-grow potion so she can grow tall enough to go on a ride, but she drank too much of it... She grew 20 feet tall, and weighed 22,222 Earth pounds + 2/9 of a pound(That's 11 tons + 1/9); her size was multiplied by this number: 6 + 2/3 = 20/3. Since she was on Photonis, she weighed about 7,407 pounds due to its gravity.

Imagine if the characters tried to change size on Earth. Because of Earth's greater gravity, giant characters would just collapse, because their legs or wings would not be strong enough to support their own weight. Some scientists believe that millions & billions of years ago, Earth's gravity was a little weaker than it is now, so giants wouldn't have too much trouble walking around since weaker gravity means lighter weight, so their legs or wings could support their weight. Weight is mass multiplied by a planet's gravity. Volume & weight are 3-dimensional, but strength & surface area are 2-dimensional, which is why weight grows faster than strength exponentially when multiplying a character's size. (This might be a clue to why dinosaurs became extinct!)

One special adopted character-Alice Pleasance Liddell from Wonderland-has the ability to dramatically change her size by eating high or low-calorie foods; high-calorie foods make her grow and low-calorie foods make her shrink. Medium-calorie foods help maintain her normal size. At her maximum size of 24 times normal, she can't run because her weight would be 1,520,640 Earth pounds(or 760.32 tons); her legs would only be 576 times stronger than normal, but not strong enough for her to run. She would be 134 feet tall. If she ate high-calorie foods to grow even taller, she could hurt herself! However, it's safer for her to change size on the planet Photonis (or in Wonderland; let's call Wonderland's planet Fantastica!) than on Earth because of the stronger gravity here. However, Alice should not try to shrink too much either or she could become the size of a germ; at that microscopic size, she would be way too small to eat normal-sized food, so she would quickly starve to death. Her riskiest minimum size is about 2 inches + 19/24 of an inch tall, at 55/6,912 of a pound. Plus, she would be 576 times weaker.

Derek C. Jr. & Crayonman(Carlton Marker) are at their normal sizes in this scene from the Season 3 Episode: "Giantess Jeopardy!" Notice how big Giantess Alice's hand is compared to the 2 male characters; the foreshortening makes it look even bigger!

Another adopted character-Alice's cousin Goldie Ellen Locks-can also change her size dramatically, but not proportionately like her cousin Alice. High-calorie foods make her fat and low-calorie foods make her skinny. She has the ability to dramatically change her weight. At her maximum fatness, she weighs 1,416 Earth pounds but her legs can't move her at all at this weight. That's because her normal weight is multiplied by 12 while her leg strength isn't multiplied at all; if she drank fast-grow potion, then her size would change proportionately, allowing her legs to be just strong enough to carry her greater weight. (Even if she weighed 1,416 pounds) She shouldn't try to become too skinny either, considering anorexia nervosa!

Heavilocks Vs. Bubblepuss! This is a scene from the Season 6 Finale: "Awful Intrusion!" In her fat form, Goldilocks is nicknamed Heavilocks!

It should be obvious why a tiny character can be squished by a bigger character; shrinking the character also diminishes his/her strength as well as weight. For example, if a character shrank 4 times smaller than normal, then his/her strength would be 16 times weaker, and his/her weight would be 64 times lighter. The legs or wings could certainly support his/her weight since the surface-area-to-volume ratio would tilt in favor of the surface area! (Remember: Strength is proportional to surface area; weight is proportional to volume!) Ants can carry 50 times their own weight, right? Yet, you can still hurt an ant by stepping on it, because the average person (you) is more than 50 times an ant's weight!

A cute scene from the Season 7 episode: "Fitting Room". Goldilocks accidentally stepped on Archy Ant, breaking his back. To make him feel better, she gives a big kiss and a pizza stick coated with tomato sauce.

Finally, about the size minimum of the characters, shrinking salt can only shrink them down to 1/16 their normal sizes. Shrinking salt doesn't work on microbes, robots, or characters with very hard surfaces; neither does fast-grow potion. These size-changing items are also quite rare which helps prevent the possibility of having too many giants(or dwarves) around.

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