Final Rough Draft Cartoon of Blueworld Adventures

This is the very last cartoon I ever drew in the rough draft version of this cartoon series:

Comment from the creator: It is indeed quite expensive to pay for those ink cartridges & paper piles you have to get for a printer, not to mention sketchbooks. To save money, I had to stop drawing rough drafts; the rough draft version of "Blueworld Adventures" had to be discontinued to save money, & I can't say I'm not happy about it.

Now that I have this Website launched on the Internet, you viewers can just come back here whenever you want to see my cartoons, characters, & their adventures & situations for entertainment! In fact, you can relate to this cartoon you just viewed! If you're doing something that's costing you too much money, then you have to stop doing it to cut down expenses. Find another, cheaper way to do the task. People don't just want money, they need it! Otherwise, they would have to agree to exchange goods.

Anyway, Dollarman AKA Bill E-Yon & Mr. Patrick Percent tell Principal character Derek Cyannus Jr. that the rough draft issues were costing them too much money; they were over budget by 10%, so Devon Cyannus Jr. suggested that they truncate the final rough draft issue, which was done. Hilary Harriet Pixie was supposed to star in the next cartoon of that rough draft issue but it had to be cut out. However, you can find it somewhere in the Full-Length Comic Strips Section. It's entitled "Hilary's Bad Day".

I outgrew making those rough draft issues a long time ago; feel free to print out or download a cartoon from this Website to collect your own copy, but please don't use them for commercial purposes. Thank you.

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