Gender Bending Meets Public Bathrooms: The Commentary

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Ah, the bathroom...the place that is private and yet not so private! We all know what we do in bathrooms, right? According to etiquette, it's rude & perverse to watch other people use a toilet! (No matter which sex they're in, no matter which sex you're in!) Anyway, the act of excretion is considered embarrassing because it is extremely messy, especially when it is done at the wrong places & times! However, it's a body mechanism; all living organisms do it.


As you may already know, there are gender-specific public bathrooms here on Earth & of course the main world of my characters Photonis. As a gender-bending species, the Connecto Sapiens could not understand that at first; since they can switch themselves between the 2 sexes, they all use the same public bathrooms together, no matter which sex they're currently in! (This probably seems creepy to us humans because we can't switch between the 2 sexes so easily!)


Anyway, when the green-striped connecto sapiens asks Burger why there are gender-specific public bathrooms on Photonis, his answer was "Thinking differences!" He's correct though: men & women think differently from each other. Then Sue steps out of the ladies' room and gives her answer: "So that ladies & males don't invade each other's privacy!" The main message of this scene is that an intelligent alien species with the ability to switch between the sexes might think it's surprising that we don't use the same public bathrooms together because of our sexes! Anyway, to make an interesting, sci-fi ending to this mini-comic, the green-striped connecto sapiens switches from male to female so he/she/it can use the ladies' room without breaking the rules! (When in Rome, do as the Romans do; remember this proverb?)


To conclude this commentary, gender bending(or sex inversion, as I like to call it) would be a great superpower to have in this case because it would give a character a special advantage since those in the public bathroom wouldn't feel comfortable with someone of their opposite sex inside. The connecto sapiens didn't want to creep out the ladies inside the ladies' room! The character could also switch back to male to use the men's room instead!

P.S.: Alien species will most likely have different types of private parts based on their gender, which means that they will also have different ways of excreting.

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