The Graph Dimension: The Commentary

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This episode starts with Principal Character Derek Cyannus Jr. feeling exhausted about his role in this cartoon series. Since he is the principal character, the other characters in this episode depended on him to think up ideas about what they could do to make these cartoons more interesting. This overwhelmed him so much that he needed a vacation; this gave him a reason to visit the Graph Dimension! (Another good title for this episode is "Derek's Interdimensional Vacation!")


All of the characters in the first scene tried to think up good ideas about what they could do to make these cartoons more interesting; they thought these cartoons might get boring since they helped decrease the crime wave of their home planet Photonis. Without criminal butt to kick, they would need to find something else to do that's interesting. I bet you noticed that the Brass Ladies use their feet a lot, but Goldilocks, Alice Liddell & Patience Muffet suggested that they could use their hair to make things more interesting! Fudge Stripes then got the idea to invite Rapunzel & Lady LovelyLocks into this cartoon series; however, due to copyright & trademark issues, I can't put Lady LovelyLocks into this cartoon series; Mattel™ owns her, so I would need their permission first. I was going to have Derek Cyannus Jr. & Sally B. Martin mention this in the cartoon but I decided that the copyright/trademark stuff is my problem, not my characters' problem; so their excuse is that they don't know where these other characters live or how to get there! Also, they may never even meet these characters. On the other hand, Rapunzel is practically in the public domain now since she is a classic fairy tale character although I don't plan on featuring her in my cartoons. Perhaps another character of mine can play as Rapunzel...

Anyway, this episode is most likely my #1 favorite episode of my cartoon series! I thought about making several more episodes featuring the Graph Dimension but I decided to cut the 10th Season short & conclude the cartoon series so that I will have more time for other important things. Making hundreds of episodes is too much work for just 1 person! At least the Graph Dimension made a 2nd appearance in another Season 10 episode: "Dottie Doll's Desire". What happens in that dimension depends on what the characters do in their home dimension. In the example below, (And of the episode) Sabrina Pixie had to eat 5 chocolate chip cookies so her friend Derek could reach the interdimensional portal, escape the secretoids & get back to his home dimension safely. He also had to avoid the poisonous dark matter on the chamber's floor. This graph chamber shows how many cookies the 5 Fantastical Fairies ate that week. At the beginning of the scene, Sabrina ate 10 chocolate chip cookies before she helped Derek escape, according to the graph bar. But after eating 5 more cookies, the bar rose up to 15 so Derek could reach the portal & escape the secretoids!

The Graph Dimension is a not-so-complicated place. It is quite explicable & easy to figure out. But as Bob Legato said in the story, some obstacles are impossible to conquer without friends assisting you in your home dimension. Your friends will have to move apples from a specific bucket to another just to make a staircase for you to climb in a bar graph chamber! (Are you starting to figure out how this awesome dimension works?) Then there are line graph chambers with skateboards or tightropes & pie graphs that roll down hills. Beware, for the pie graphs can roll over you & flatten you if you're not careful! However, the size of the percentage pieces can be changed depending on what is done in your home dimension, and these special magic blocks can make pieces of the pie intangible so you can dodge obstacles. Your friends have to be careful; too, otherwise the bars in some bar graph chambers that have ceilings can also squish you!


There is a lot of information to tell about the Graph Dimension, so to be continued...

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