Blueworld Adventures Greeting Cards!

Greeting Cards for any occasion! New cards will be added from time to time, so if there isn't a card available for Valentine's Day for example, there will be sometime in the future.

First, print out the card, then fold it in. The top left corner is the inside, the bottom left is the back, the bottom right is the front, and the top right is the extra page.

Note: You'll need Flash software to see the card-folding animation.

What's the occasion?


Dr. Foolish Tells A Fact About Birthdays

7th Birthday Celebration

Saved From An Age Insult

Christmas Birthday

Brain's Ironic Gift Search

Birthday Cake Vs. Birthday Card

Belated Birthday Card

Orange Birthday

Olivia Spider & Her 40 Toes!

Dr. Foolish's Decade Dialogue

The Squashington Sextuplets & the Number 12

Birthday or Holiday

Tweedle-Dee & Tweedle-Dum Celebrate Their Birthday

Valentine's Day

Derek's Stolen Heart

Maryanne Wipes Away Card Symbols Except the Hearts

Danielle's Weight of Love

Valentine Frog

Single Awareness Day: The Other Name of February 14th

Romantic Vs. Unromantic

St. Patrick's Day

A Special 4-Leaf Clover From Derek C. Jr.

Derek C. Jr. in the Green Screen!

Ippy Marker Paints the City Green

A Crab Pinches Mack the Mouse Although He's Wearing A Green T-Shirt!


Danielle's Easter Legs!

Scrambled Easter Eggs From Goldilocks

1 Letter Too Many!

Cinco De Mayo

Pixelman & Lady Fingersandtoes Celebrate Cinco De Mayo


Burger the Vegetarian

What Some of the Extraordinares Like To Eat For Thanksgiving

What Do Thanksgiving & Valentine's Day Have In Common?

Blackie's Black Friday


Derek's Cactus Suit

The Starring Trio Wears Masks of Each Other!

Burger the Nutritionist

Derek the Couch Potato

Patience Muffet in: Have Kyrofelonoshophobia?

1 "Boo" Vs. 2 "Boo"s!


Name Pun

Christmas Birthday

Sweet Christmas

Villains On Santa's "Naughty" List

Candy's Relaxing Foot Bath

Love Warms Up The Winter


Idiots Outnumber Geniuses

Goodbye But Bad Riddance!

Dr. Foolish Proves That Even A Genius Doesn't Know Everything!

Super Dr. John Von Foolish

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