Inversion of the Sexes 2: Gender Bender Mender Galaxy: The Commentary

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In this episode, our heroes & heroines the Extraordinares AKA Weird Gang meet the gender-bending, sex-inverting alien species the Connecto Sapiens. Their home galaxy is between 2 other galaxies that have opposite gender themes: Macho-Macho Galaxy & Girly Galaxy. This wasn't told in the episode, but a long time ago, these 2 opposite sex galaxies had an awful space war. Fortunately, the Connecto Sapiens helped end the war with their special sex inversion power. Thanks to them, the residents of Macho-Macho Galaxy & Girly Galaxy learned to live peacefully with their opposite sexes. What a wonderful negotiation!

Anyway, as the episode's story continues, the Connecto Sapiens introduce opposite sex mirrors & sex-inverting potion to the Extraordinares. The male characters seemed to enjoy their reflections more than the female characters! There was even a lake of sex-inverting potion! The striped Connecto Sapiens are able to change their gender just by thinking; none of the potion is needed.

There's a real drug that seems to change your gender and it's called Steroids. It gives masculine traits to females, and feminine traits to males. But seriously kids, don't do drugs because they do all sorts of things to corrupt your mind & body! That isn't worth it just to change your gender. However, sex inversion has become science fact via surgery.

In one of the final scenes, the mischievous Onio Vegetable decided to play a prank using the Connecto Sapiens' sex-inverting potion, but his prank would ultimately lead to a horrible, sex inversion war on Photonis, (The main world of the cartoon series) which Onio would eventually be severely punished for. So his own daughter Heather had to travel thru time to stop him from making this terrible mistake! The parallel universe war would be way too long to draw (or animate), but would probably be too gruesome to see anyway. The family photos Heather brought along from that horrible, parallel universe future convinced Onio not to play the prank. That decision changed the future to a happy one!

The Connecto Sapiens can teach us how to cooperate with people of our opposite sexes. Our similarities, our differences can be used to an advantage to solve a problem; although, they can also be used to compete against ourselves. Some people are romantic, and some are not; but like 2 of the Connecto Sapiens say in the episode, our species could become more abundant if men & women (& their sons & daughters) cooperated more. Maybe there would be more happy marriages, less divorces, and even less people remaining bachelors or maidens. Hopefully, our species is abundant enough to last, but some other species are presently endangered; a lack of romance may have something to do with it, not to mention their natural enemies killing them out. If you think about it, romance is that important!


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