Information About the Mini-Series

The Major Cast of Mini-Series #1: Calvin & Drake:

Calvin is the caveman, Sherry is his sister, Melton the triceratops is his friend, Pierre the pteradactyl is his other friend, and Zelda the mermaid is his girlfriend. Drake the tyrannosaurus is the bully who always picks on the others, but Melton is stronger than Drake so he uses his strength to protect Calvin and his friends from getting eaten.

The Major Cast of Mini-Series #2: The New Adventures of Alice in Wonderland:

Alice Pleasance Liddell is carrying jam to the Dormouse to help Mad Hatter & March Hare put him to sleep.(Jam on the Dormouse's nose makes him sleepy.) The Dormouse goes crazy and runs amock whenever someone mentions cats(or other things he's afraid of!) around him! When he runs amock, it causes nothing but trouble! The Tweedle Twins(Dee & Dum) are in the background, watching what is happening. Mr. White Rabbit is late for another important date; you can tell by his expression! Cheshire Cat is laughing at the Dormouse; he thinks it's so funny that Mad Hatter & March Hare have to restrain him, since he(Dormouse) is afraid of him(Cheshire Cat)! Goldilocks A.K.A. Goldie Ellen Locks is Alice's favorite cousin. She is eating some of the jam with her spoon. As you may already know from Lewis Carrol's story, Alice & her friends have all sorts of zany adventures in the madcap world of Wonderland!

P.S.: The co-stars of the 2 bonus mini-series are also the tertiary characters of the main series: "Blueworld Adventures". You can see the profiles about the primary(major) and secondary(the 14 best supporting minor)characters in the Extra Section.

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