Momerath Memory: The Commentary

You can play this puzzle game & its counterclockwise sequel on the Puzzles & Games Page.

This is the 1st time I typed a commentary about 1 of the puzzle games. Actually, 2, because I gave it a counterclockwise sequel! Flash is so difficult to use that it would have been too time-consuming to fix the game so that the momeraths would suddenly roam in the opposite rotary direction. I originally wanted to fix it so that if the player clicks on Alice's feet, she would stomp either one of them to signal to the little creatures to switch rotary directions. Clockwise or counterclockwise, each version is quite interesting! Also, you CAN still make the creatures switch directions somehow; I'll explain how in the next paragraph.

I admit it: I'm a lousy programmer. However, programming is extremely difficult to do! (Even in Flash, despite Actionscript!) To make up for the lousy programming of this puzzle game & its counterclockwise sequel, I'll tell you a little secret for reading this commentary. It's possible to cheat! You can use the pop-up menu that appears when you right-click on your mouse to freeze time in the 2 games & then you can select "Back" or "Forward" to move the momeraths a slight bit. If you rewind back in time enough, you can review which creature did not kiss Alice's feet; that's the creature you're supposed to get her to stomp on to win! Pictured to the right of this paragraph is a freezeframe of the hard level. Notice that there are 13 creatures. Each level of difficulty has a specific number of creatures to affect the difficulty of game. The medium level has 4 creatures fewer than the hard level & the easy level has 8 creatures fewer than the Hard level.

After winning in the hard level, the game repeats the hard level forevermore until you finally lose. However, if you get tired of playing, you can also select "Rewind" in your mouse's pop-up menu to reset the game! Unfortunately, you don't get to see which creature was the fake momerath after Alice stomps on the wrong creature. I know that sucks, but it would have been even more time-consuming to program the games so that the right creature blinks after you lose. On the upside, these 2 games teach you why you should pay attention. Also, if you play these 2 games in the Elmedia Video Player, you can cheat even more! You can click the player's Play/Pause button on the screen to freeze or unfreeze the momeraths. You can even use your mouse to move the cursor dot to rewind or fast-forward faster! Or of course, you can simply reset the game! Seriously though, an old proverb says that cheaters never really win or prosper. But on the other hand, if your adversaries fight dirty, then you got to fight dirty, too, to survive!

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