Music Story: The Commentary

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This cartoon gag came to me in a dream I had a long time ago when I was first in college! It's an example of how powerful music can be, whether people enjoy listening to it or not. As you can see in the image, Sally Brittany Martin of the Photonese Martins is in her bikini enjoying the beach. She mentions how happy she is without Burger Meat Food there to bother her! (In this 19th Season 3 episode, Burger is still her enemy!) 1 of her friends to the right puts on the radio for her. She hears a tune that she likes so she asked Yorkie Marker(AKA School Box Man) to turn up the volume, but he turned it up too loud, so the loud music started to hurt her ears & then she didn't want to hear it anymore! The irony is that she liked the tune before Yorkie turned up the volume! Black Tar the Blob with the beak makes a comment referring to the Braham's Lullaby! Then the story of the episode ends.


Music is enjoyable, but you want to hear it at safe volume levels. Seriously, extremely loud music can actually create some physical damage! Music is technically a form of energy, too; in fact, energy can change its form. (There's mechanical energy, nuclear energy, chemical energy, thermal energy, & electrical energy to mention 5 examples.) Some people are easily distracted by musical energy unfortunately, so just beware of that before you get music-hating enemies. Besides, in other cartoons of this cartoon series, Burger thought that Sally was a very noisy person! In fact, she has a very loud scream in her mezzo-soprano voice; super voice loudness is 1 of her superpowers! Burger & Sally, with help from some of their allies, had plenty of musical rivalries in the past. It's kind of like the storylines from Jem & the Holograms™ when they compete against their rivals - the Misfits! (I referred to an 1980's cartoon show)

P.S.: It takes 130 decibels to hurt human ears! So keep the volume of your music below that extreme!

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