Never Hit A Girl: The Commentary

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"Never hit a girl!" How many times have people told that to little boys? It is indeed wrong for boys to hit girls, however sometimes, girls might hit boys that they're mad at. Since boys are physically stronger on the average, they're more likely to get into trouble if they hit the girls back. Some mothers tell their daughters: "It's okay to slap; if he gets fresh, slap him!" this convinces some girls to slap boys that make them angry. Sometimes, the best defense is a good offense & you need to defend yourself, but girls should also be taught not to hit boys too quickly. Sometimes, girls DO get into trouble for hitting boys, but boys are more likely to get into trouble for fighting against girls. It's because of the social strength that girls usually have. On the average, maybe males are physically stronger, but females are socially stronger! If a muscular male uses his physical power against a female, then she can use her social power back at him!


The villainous little boys in this cartoon bothered the blonde girl with the glasses that looks remarkably like Sally Brittany Martin! They thought it was unfair that they were forbidden to hit her back just because she was a girl. So the mean, aggressive boys decided to take out their anger on an innocent boy, namely our hero Derek Cyannus Jr.! They wanted to hit him just because he was a boy! So Derek had to fight back & defend himself! (His enemy should have been more careful about what he wished for; the next boy you fight may be a very good fighter!) Derek could have got into trouble for granting the stupid boy's wish, but he had it coming!


When it comes to fighting, there's no guarantee that you'll win or survive the next fight you get into. If possible, you should try to avoid potential conflicts, which lead to fights. Plus, people can take losing very personally. (Not everyone is a good sport!) Some people have died from certain battles they got into. This is especially true for soldiers; they have to fight dangerous gun wars & risk their lives to serve their country(ies).


Anyway, there is a little bit of sexism (particularly, feminism, which is sexism against males) in that Don't-Hit-A-Girl-If-You're-A-Boy stuff. It confuses specific boys that got into conflicts with girls. Sometimes, when children get mad at each other, they hit each other because of their inexperience about life. And unfortunately, some boys love horseplay-playful, fake fighting-which I always thought was a bad idea; horseplay can lead to real fights, especially if the boys accidentally hit each other! (Why can't boys have playtime tea parties, too, like girls? They're much safer!) At least elementary school teachers forbid it, but not everyone follows the rules. Then these aggressive boys may decide to hit other innocent boys, forcing them to fight back, and then even the innocent boys might get punished, too, just for hitting the aggressors back!


The reason why boys are strictly forbidden to hit girls is because females are the ones who can give birth, (If a pregnant woman dies, then so does the unborn baby) not only because males are physically stronger on the average. Furthermore, there's something in the genes of ladies that guys just don't have: visual glamour. (But that doesn't mean males can't look attractive to females!) Ladies can easily attract guys with their appearance. Plus, heterosexual men have a strong sex drive that is sometimes a weakness. As for women, it's kind of on-and-off. But some women might use that sexual weakness that men have against them! Yet, because of sexual arousal, the men are still willing to do things for them; that is what gives ladies their social strength! Fortunately, some men are intelligent enough to figure out that they're being used; charm helps in attracting people, too, and if the women fail to show affection, then that breaks the attraction.


In conclusion, society discourages men from attacking women so they'll become honorable gentlemen. Gentlemen must remember to have respect for women indeed, because women have the power to ruin a gentleman's reputation instantly; their social strength gives them that power! And of course society trains women to become honorable ladies, too, so that they don't attack men immediately. In martial art sports, on the other hand, competitors in the ring are usually in the same sex; however, if they're in opposite sexes, then they'll have opposite strengths & weaknesses! Whoa, Nellie! Men tend to have more upper-body strength while women tend to have more lower-body strength...if you consider physics. For example, a woman can kick a man in the groin to seriously weaken him; (Boy, that hurts a lot!) that's why hitting below the belt is forbidden in boxing; however, women don't have that physical weakness! I think the main reason why they keep competitors in the same gender is because a lady's beautiful face might hypnotize a man into not attacking his rather female opponent & fall in love with her, not to mention that the man's hypnotic lovesickness will give the boxing lady a mental, unfair advantage!

P.S.: Society has already done plenty of things for females' rights, and that's good, but we must also remember to help out the boys, too, as well as the girls. Make a more boy-friendly environment in elementary schools!

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