Special Information About the Outrageous Outtakes

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Originally, I, the creator of this cartoon series, wanted to cram all of the Outrageous Outtakes (bloopers of some of the epic animations) into 1 animated episode (or 2 or maybe 3), but there was a reason why I couldn't do that. The reason is because this animation software I use to animate my cartoons - Adobe/Macromedia Flash - allows you to change the frame rate of an animation, but there's a disadvantage that comes with this ability:

If several animations have different frame rates, then cramming them together into 1 document will affect the normal speed of each animation; the software automatically sets the animated combination to match the frame rate of the document!

In other words, 1 of the animations in the combo may be faster or slower than normal, although another might play at its normal speed. Since not all of my animations play at the same frame rate, trying to put them into a combo creates this problem.

For example, here are the frame rates of 3 specific animations:

The last animation in this list isn't even an epic! Anyway, if I tried to cram all 3 of them into 1 Flash document, then at least 2 of them will play at the wrong speed. So I couldn't cram all the bloopers into 1 special episode, which of course I would have called "Outrageous Outtakes"! For more information, see the Episode List; there's a link to it on the Index Page.

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