Patience's Shoe Trick: The Commentary

You can see the original mini-animation on the Mini-Animations Page, the animated episode on the Epic Animations Page and its corresponding blooper on the Outrageous Outtakes Page.

This commentary is about Patience's Shoe Trick; the original mini-animation, the epic extended version & its corresponding blooper. Patience Muffet demonstrates her talent which is a shoe trick. She juggles her pretty ballet flat shoes with her feet. In the extended version, she also shakes her prehensile feet to the beat of trance music for a few seconds. There's a certain amount of force she uses to throw or kick her shoes upward so that they land back on her feet or between her toes when she spreads them wide open to catch her shoes(The toes must catch the shoe at the edge of the toe pocket). She also throws or kicks at just the right angle. The weight, shape, density & thickness of the shoe matters in her trick, too.


I originally wanted the epic animation to take place in a shoe store since it has a shoe theme, however, all those shelves of shoeboxes would have taken too much time to draw or animate. Plus, in a shoe store, maybe the cartoon wouldn't have the comical ending of Goldilocks pelting her bedroom slipper at the picture frame. (In that picture are principal character Derek Cyannus Jr., Token the Porcupine-Turtle & Yorkie Marker AKA School Box Man; the 3 male characters who made a cameo appearance) This story would possibly be more violent if it took place in a shoe story anyway since all those shoes & shoeboxes could tumble all over the characters after they tossed their shoes into the air!

Speaking of the characters, Danielle, Michelle, Candy, Fudge, Alice & Goldilocks were so amused by Patience's shoe trick that they wanted to try it themselves. They even wanted to see Patience do her trick with other types of footwear, but Patience tells them that it only works with flat slippers. Slippers are the easiest shoes to wear. Other kinds of shoes have laces, straps, etc., but slippers literally slip onto your feet, simple as that!


Patience's 6 friends were so eager to try out the trick that they didn't wait for her explanation about how the trick works. They ended up tossing their shoes at each other! Patience used her umbrella to block the falling shoes from hitting her on the head. In the blooper animation, Alice tells Patience that opening umbrellas indoors is bad luck, then Patience does get bad luck! Alice & Goldilocks were the only 2 Brass Ladies to catch each other's shoes between their toes. Goldilocks was more optimistic about catching her cousin's shoe, but the trick was that the ladies were supposed to catch their own shoes! Also, 1 foot & shoe has to be used at a time, as Patience says in this image to the right. You can also see this image somewhere in the Still Image/Pocket Joke Section!

There were 2 more Brass Ladies I wanted to include in this story: Sally Brittany Martin(of the Photonese Martins) & her cousin Sue Amy Martin. However, they ultimately had to be excluded because the animation would have taken way too much time for 1 person to finish. (Sorry, Sally & Sue...) Plus, 2 more ladies means 4 more feet, which means 4 more shoes! (Well, 2 more pairs of shoes.) The scene when the Brass Ladies tossed their shoes into the air would have been a monster to animate with Sally & Sue in the cartoon! A dozen of shoes flew into the air & almost hit the ceiling light; they scatter across the room as they fall back down & hit some unfortunate Brass Ladies! There would be 4 more flying shoes to animate with 2 more Brass Ladies in the scene, not to mention that the scene would be about 15 seconds longer. The only Brass Lady who kept her shoes on in this scene was Patience, since she was the trick teacher. Counting Patience's shoes, there are a total of 14 shoes in the scene; her shoes are the only 2 that didn't fly.

1 dozen = 6 pairs = 12 objects; 2 objects make a pair

Perhaps Patience's shoe trick can be done in real life, if someone has enough skill to do it. However, this trick most likely can only be done by a female since women & girls usually have more flexible legs than men & boys. Ladies can do the splits; they can kick & spread out their legs at 180-degree angles! Guys, however, don't seem to have that gift. It's very difficult to spread out your legs with narrow hips. (Women have wider hips than men, too.) And finally, ballet flat shoes/street slippers are designed to be worn by females.

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