Penny Pincher & the Caterpillar: The Commentary

The original mini-animation begins with Penny Pincher picking a yellow tulip & smelling its fragrance. She was taking a break from her job of selling useful things in space. (She's self-employed by the way!) She took her break on the planet Photonis, which is the main world of Blueworld Adventures/Blueworld & Beyond; the scene takes place somewhere between Moonsburg & Dollar City, 2 cities of Pizzanama. After taking 16 steps, she accidentally steps on the cute rainbow caterpillar! Fortunately, she has great magic healing power! This brown-skinned, black-haired fairy can heal others magically by hugging them, kissing them, or even caressing them with her hands or feet! Shoes can't prevent her from healing a cute caterpillar with her feet! She heals the tiny insect using the same foot she crushed it with by accident. Even though her pretty ballet flat shoes are quite hard, she delicately pets the soft insect with 3 gentle foot taps from her shod left foot. Then she hops over it so she doesn't crush it again & goes on her way.


Wasn't it amazing how Penny shifted her weight to caress the caterpillar with her shod foot? She could have used her wings to fly, but she didn't know the caterpillar was there yet. (It wouldn't get squished if she flew) It was a good thing that Penny has healing magic so the caterpillar she accidentally squished could be revived, but there's something else in this cartoon series that can revive characters: mortonium. If you seen Season 8, Episode 1: "The Space Age of Photonis Begins", you should already know how mortonium works. But if you haven't, here's a summary about it: 250 milliliters can revive an average-sized character back to life, but it won't work after 3 hours. The later the character is revived with mortonium, the longer it'll take the character to recover back to full health. However, more of this special liquid can be used to heal the character faster; smaller characters heal faster than larger ones via mortonium. Penny's healing magic works in quite a similar way to mortonium, but it also depends on how much magical energy she has left. (Some other characters in these cartoons, like Sabrina Cecilia Pixie, have some healing powers, too, but this commentary is about Penny Pincher!)

Archy Ant is holding up a bottle of mortonium in this picture, which is part of the Season 8 premiere.

Despite the fantastic event that happened in the cartoon, you must remember, kids, that "Sorry!" won't bring organisms back from the dead in reality. Whether the death is an accident or not, a life is not something you can break & then put back together again! Death picks no favorites; all mortal beings are equal in death. So live carefully & responsibly; protect yourself & those you love; forbid murderous maniacs from killing you; try not to accidentally kill others or yourself. Killing in self-defense is not exactly murder, but do NOT bring mortality into your conflicts if you want to live long! (In other words, don't mortify others either!) Also, I don't want to mention anything about tragedy in this commentary! And finally, about coming back from the dead: God promised that the dead will live again sometime in the distant future; nobody in this world knows when that will happen but only time will tell...

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