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Hatro is the name of Photonis' video game company. Their games were also exported to Photonis' neighboring worlds.

Dorothy Gale's special shoes from Oz make her a very valuable member of the Extraordinares. She can go almost anywhere with them since they allow her to teleport & even cross between dimensions! But they have to be recharged after exclusive use.

Dorothy can bring other characters along with her when she teleports or crosses dimensions, as long as she is touching them. After bringing this lonely duo out of that video game dimension with evil program bugs, Candy Stripes introduces the other members of the club to Pixelman & Lady Fingersandtoes.

Pixelman & Lady were nervous at first after hearing that some of the Extraordinares are bugs, (It's understandable since their enemies are program bugs) but the bugs of the club are friendly & anthropomorphic. If you're wondering why Pixelman is between the toes of Lady's right foot, she uses her feet like hands so sometimes she grabs him with her prehensile feet! (That explains why she's often barefoot)

In fact, since she's a contortionist, she often lets her hands & feet switch roles! (She'll walk on her hands & grab with her feet!) Apparently, germs don't exist in Lady's video game dimension since she never heard of them until now. Maybe they're too small to exist in that dimension; it must have a size minimum & germs are below the minimum. She never had to worry about germs when she ate with her feet in the video game dimension, but after coming to Photonis' dimension, she has to be careful...

At the end of the previous quarter of the mini-saga, Lady noticed how gray the bottom of her feet got because of germs; as you can see in this image, they're still dirty.

Lady & Pixelman have just learned that the laws of physics in 1 dimension may be different in another.

This is the 1st time we get to see Lady use her hands the normal way: for grabbing.

The appearance of these 2 other-dimensional characters seems to have caused an effect to Photonis' dimension!

According to the text in this image, Pixelman & Lady Fingersandtoes know how to use teamwork!

Lady Fingersandtoes is so accustomed to grabbing with her feet that she was disappointed that shoes of this dimension aren't designed for toe grabbing! But she still loves shoes, just like a lady!

If you notice Lady's foot sole, you'll see that she got her feet cleaned. (No more gray!) Her feet were cleaned sometime between the 2nd & 3rd quarters of the mini-saga.

Those special switches that only these 2 characters can use seem to temporarily change the laws of physics so that friends cannot hurt each other. (Plus, they have to be friends in heart!) Lady Fingersandtoes took off her ballet flat shoes just so she could use her feet like hands again! Notice how she grabbed her tiny friend Pixelman with her right foot just to kiss him! She had to hold out her arms to keep herself balanced on her left foot.

See that green pixelated pattern around the boxing ring? That means that the immunity to friendly fire effect is activated. It becomes visible for half a second, then invisible for 1.5 seconds. Derek Cyannus Jr. just reported to his friends that every Pixelman video game in the world stopped working!

Since Pixelman & Lady Fingersandtoes left their video game dimension, it was like computer files were removed. Without the right files, a program can't work.

How many times have you seen this error message on the Internet? It means that something is missing!

Of course, files can be copied for backup in case the originals get lost.

After our heroes buy the Multi-Milk from Penny Pincher, she notices the duo she once imagined. Part of their origin is revealed.

Notice how Lady's clones are also wearing copies of her clothes; property is also duplicated somehow, as long as the possessed objects are at most 1 foot away from the original character.

Dr. Foolish's plan worked like a charm! Penny Pincher revealed that Pixelman & Lady Fingersandtoes are personified programs, so copying them & putting the copies in the video game dimension certainly solved the video game dilemma!

Looks like the Extraordinares received gifts from their new friends from another dimension! (Could Pixelman & Lady Fingersandtoes have gone back to the video game dimension with Dorothy Gale to bring them these gifts? Or did they have them all along? Maybe these quincunx cards appeared in this dimension, too, since their visit!) Notice how Lady uses 3 of her paws for holding. (Including 1 foot) She had to use the remaining one for standing! Those 2 quincunx cards between her toes were kept inside her shoe, as you may have guessed.

According to this story, you can find new friends in other worlds & dimensions. You just have to look in the right places. The 2 main characters could not find any friends in the dimension they were born in, until Dorothy & Candy went there to meet them. They could not leave the dimension on their own so they needed Dorothy's help. Sometimes, you have to travel to find treasures & happiness. Such a trip is worth it!

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading the uncut version of this mini-saga! Thanks for viewing!

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