Pizza Panic: The Commentary

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The image of Derek Cyannus Jr. you see here begins the climax of the "Pizza Panic" comic strip. Check out his expression in each of these two panels! He didn't want his friends in the Extraordinares Club to know he was ordering a pizza since they can hardly agree about the pizza toppings; they all have a favorite pizza topping and a least favorite topping! Everytime too many of them know that someone is ordering a pizza, they usually argue about what they want or don't want on their pizza!

Have you ever had this kind of experience with your friends or family? Sometimes, you like what your friend or family member doesn't like! However, that doesn't have to affect your relationships with other people. I am sure we all had a time when we failed to please someone we love. Fortunately, love is stronger than anger; however, you still can't please everyone you meet. Some people have goals or opinions that are complementary to each other, which sometimes leads to conflicts.

At the end of this full-length comic strip, I printed that sometimes, it's possible to please everyone, but the term everyone is unspecific. (If you exclude just one being in the universe, that's NOT everyone.) Sometimes, it IS possible to please everyone in a group, but not everyone in the universe. That's what I meant; this makes the term more specific. Dr. John Von Foolish proves this near the ending.

Pizza Hut® inspired me to create this comic strip; I created it during the time the company started making those "4-for-all" pizzas! Whoever thought of that idea was a genius! That's exactly how I would think if my loved ones were disagreeing about something. You should also remember not to take any sides when your friends or family members are arguing about something; try negotiating instead; that's what Dr. Foolish did!

Here's a proverb from yours truly:

[All the beings you know] + [All the beings you don't know] = [Everyone]

If you add (or unite) a set with its complement, you always get the entire universe as the sum; simple mathematics! Whenever you have to take some criticism from a loved one, try very hard not to be too confrontational, it's better to have a conservation than a confrontation.

Dr. Foolish explaining about the Venn Diagram of Occupation.

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