Planet Principles: The Commentary

You can see the animated episode on the Epic Animations Page.

At the beginning of this epic animation, you can hear the battle theme from Star Wars. They played that familiar tune in a few scenes that show Darth Vader! I originally tried to put the scrolling text at the beginning in perspective like they did in the beginnings of the Star Wars movies, too; however, it was a bit too challenging for me to animate... Well, maybe I would have pulled it off if I tried harder, but I ultimately decided to keep things simple & just let the text scroll upward in a flat view. Flat is simple indeed! Also, notice that the font of text is the exact same one used in the Star Wars franchise! (By the way, the font is called: "Jedi") There are some Websites with downloadable fonts that you can visit to use in some of your artwork! But don't use the fonts for commercial purposes or you could get sued.


Anyway, after the scrolling text scrolls completely out of view, the story starts with Goldilocks skipping on a path of space rocks. (Should I call them asteroids or meteorites? Maybe they're both; both of them are technically space rocks!) She's a space giantess that's looking for a planet to stand on in her wacky dream. The 1st personified planet(the red one) was too hot for Goldilocks to stand on; his sign reads: "Don't put your feet on me!" Of course, Goldilocks didn't want to get burned, so she runs away & finds another planet to stand on that's blue in color. However, he didn't want to be trod on either; his sign reads: "Tread on me & you freeze!" The spikes on his surface could stick Goldilocks' feet, too, as well as frostbite them, so she runs away! Finally, the 3rd one she finds, which is green in color, was sleeping peacefully. As she jumps on top of him, he wakes up & smiles; he didn't mind that Goldilocks' feet were touching him! In fact, he enjoyed it when she petted him with her feet! Notice how she pops her left foot in pleasure in the next image. The right foot was the one that she tapped while standing on the green personified planet; she rubbed his surface, which she was standing on, with that same foot, too! Cute-looking, isn't it? Looking for another planet that supports life would be just like Goldilocks' wacky dream!

In a way, foot-tapping on the ground is equal to petting the planet with your foot!(or feet, if you tap both of yours) If your home planet could shrink so that you could see its round shape completely, then you could see exactly what I just typed about. I tried to animate Goldilocks hugging the green personified planet in her dream, too, but it was a bit too difficult to animate; besides, 1 of her arms & 1 of her legs would have to go behind the green planet to make the animated image look right. So to simplify things, I decided to use a transition to show her lying on the ground in a dreamy way. As her cousin Alice Pleasance Liddell comes into the picture, she wakes her up & asks her what is she doing; Goldilocks responds: "I'm hugging the planet!" which was technically true, because lying on the ground romantically equals hugging the planet, in reference to the 1st sentence of this paragraph! (...Which is a statement about size astronomically!)

In conclusion, to consider size relation, we are kind of like living planets to microbes! (If planets are alive indeed, then we are microscopic beings compared to them!) Microscopes aren't called microscopes for nothing; they allow you to see microbes that are way too tiny to see with naked eyes. However unfortunately, most microbes(AKA germs) are not our friends. Germs make people sick when get inside their bodies; this is called an infection. Fortunately, there are microbes that BELONG inside your body; they're called blood cells & the white ones fight diseases to defend the human body! They help you stay alive, too. That's why you want your blood to stay inside your body, with the exception of doctors taking blood samples from you to do experiments about your health. Just as how blood cells defend the human body, we need to defend our home planet, too, if evil aliens ever try to destroy it.(Heaven forbid that!) Although, not every alien species that we meet in space should be hostile. Intelligent extraterrestrial life will most likely be friendly to us. Besides, it's stupid people that are more likely to be meanies!

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