Question Hate Syndrome: The Commentary

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In the 1st chronicle of Blueworld Adventures, Harry Fool was the main villain; but in the 2nd chronicle: Blueworld & Beyond, Pueblo the Destructive Alien became the main villain. This episode proved how much of a threat he is! The chaos he caused between the 2 sexes with his wicked mist of Question Hate Syndrome, and it only infects females! As aggressive as this stuff makes the female characters, it was certainly bad for the male characters, too! I'll let you decide which sex that it's worse for: the males or the females.

Pueblo kind of underestimated the male heroes more than the female heroes in this episode! He thought they would do nothing to solve the problem & let the infected heroines beat them to death! But instead of fighting the ladies back, the gentlemen tried to cure them back to normal, intelligent women. Thankfully, they succeeded!

The most important part of the story is when Pueblo's female members of his legion of doom turn against him & his ally Harry Fool, who wore a Darth Vader helmet in this episode! He forgot that the villainesses joined his legion; since they were female, the stuff infected them, too! That right there tells you why you shouldn't be chauvinistic. Chauvinism is a type of sexism against females; its opposite is feminism, which is sexism against males. All sexism is bad, so please remember that! Sexists can be very exclusionary with their opposite sexes, or even worse, spiteful.

After the heroines were turned back to normal, the male heroes decided that maybe they don't need to know exactly everything about the women they love. (Surely, there are some facts women don't know or understand about men either, but no person is omniscient.) However sometimes, questions have to be asked, especially if something is not right.

There are times when a woman has to answer such a question. Unfortunately, there are some things that women (or men) don't like to talk about. For example, stereotypically, women don't like to talk about their weight or age. But sometimes, the age or weight of something (or somebody) is important to know. It depends on the situation. If a chair is strong enough to hold only 90 pounds, then it will break if you weigh more than that & sit on it.

P.S.: If your weight is "secret", then beware of scales in some public places; they'll tattle on you & reveal your weight if you step on them! Otherwise, you could decide not to keep your weight a secret & save yourself that ridiculous trouble...

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