Royal Ladies: The Commentary

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The story of this episode starts with its 2 main characters: the Lipstick Sisters - Danielle & Michelle - giving themselves pedicures, when their Aunt Isabelle tells them the sudden news, revealing to them that they're the princesses of North Sanka; and more importantly that their father King Elroy Lipstick was sick with a fever. He wished to see his daughters again in case he doesn't survive the disease. So our heroines had to travel overseas to visit their relatives due to the family emergency. Here's the conflict as you can see at the left of this paragraph: Danielle & Michelle wanted to travel by cruise ship(sea) since they fear flying, but Isabelle wanted to travel by airliner(air) because it's quicker as she says.

Flying is the safest way to travel, yet airplanes, helicopters & so on have tragically crashed for specific reasons. Our heroines don't want to die such a horrible death, but they had to take this risk. So the heartbroken, frightened princesses tell their friends in the Extraordinares Club the bad news. (Well at least they thought the news was bad!) Their friend Faye Philantha Pixie told them that airplanes don't crash just for flying. As a fairy with the ability to fly due to butterfly wings on her back, she helped the 2 princesses conquer their aviophobia with assistance from her cousin Sabrina Cecilia Pixie & Tinker Rhonda Bell. Thanks to Tinkerbell's pixie dust, Danielle & Michelle could float for a while, but they had to keep their happy thoughts. If you know the story of Peter Pan, you should be familiar with how Tinkerbell's pixie dust works. The fairies' encouragement helped the princesses a little, but they were still quite scared to board their destined airliner. (Maybe that's an understatement!)

The 2 aviophobes had no choice but to board the commercial jet; their goal was too important to back away from. As fearful as they both were, Danielle & Michelle had a horrible nightmare during their sleep after their Aunt Isabelle zonked them with her sleep mist. (They shared the exact same nightmare!) I thought about drawing & showing the nightmare the 2 aviophobic princesses had, as a way of saying "Psyche!" to show that it all didn't really happen & they safely landed, but then I decided not to show their nightmare because not only would it slow down the pace of the story, but also such a nightmarish but fake scene would be too scary for younger viewers. Plus, I didn't want to frighten any big fans of the Lipstick Sisters too much.

Click on this part of the story to see how the Lipstick Sisters behaved during their trip! Notice where I put that symbolic panel, showing when they had the excluded nightmare!

Soon after our heroines reached to North Sanka safely, the princesses met their mother Queen Janelle Cosmeticson-Lipstick for the 1st time as young adults. She showed them pictures of their relatives. I originally wanted to show how their relatives look like in the full-length comic strip, but it would have required more drawing time; but to make up for it, I let the princesses' cousins & their other Aunt Annabelle Lipstick appear in cartoons I already posted in the Still Image/Pocket Joke Section. Continuing the story, King Elroy got well again & recovered from the fever, making the ending even happier! The princesses decided to go back to Pizzanama but promised their dad they would visit North Sanka again sometime. But they didn't like the fact that they had to travel back by airliner again!

In conclusion, you usually never know what is in store for you tomorrow, considering trips or any other tasks you might need to do. Sometimes, vehicles of all types crash for some tragic reason or another, so if you want to live longer, all you can do about it is pray for safety. Pray hard, too. Besides, an old proverb says to live each day like it's your final day. Also, do take an effort to take care of yourself! If you're the driver of the car, you have full control of the car!

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