The Search for Bashful: The Commentary

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The main character of this episode is Bashful the Pet Oyster, since his name is in the title. This character of the quinary cast was forgotten so much by the other members of the Weird Gang AKA Extraordinares that he ran(or rather bounced) away from the club. This includes his owner Derek Cyannus Jr. the principal character of this cartoon series. If you read the note that Bashful left behind before he left, you can imagine how he felt about being neglected. In fact, Bashful used to get himself into trouble somehow and he was punished so much that he felt unloved. Derek finally remembers his pet after reading the note.


The Extraordinares felt bad about how they forgot their long lost member. To the right of this paragraph, you can see the part of the story when they search for Bashful. According to the text in the orange rectangle, they searched all over their entire home planet! Crayonman AKA Carlton Yoshi Marker(Yep, that's his middle name!) sticks a sign with a picture of Bashful the Pet Oyster. Don Demonvark uses a sign to ask Nick the Dolphin & Christopher the Killer Whale for help. Brain is flying in the air somewhere over Spagetopia for Bashful. Fudge, Goldilocks, Alice L., & Candy Stripes hang around in a jungle somewhere in South Sanka as they search for Bashful. Notice how they use their toes to grip the vines! Despite their efforts, the Extraordinares did not find Bashful in this long, hapless journey around their planet...

Dr. Foolish started blaming himself for Bashful's disappearance, when fortunately, Derek suddenly found Bashful grabbing the hook and climbing the string of his fishing stick! It just so happens that Bashful decided to move to Lasagna Lake, Pizzanama! That's where he was living all this time! After all those years, Derek finally finds & reunites with his pet oyster; it was a good thing he & the others decided to go fishing at Lasagna Lake, otherwise they never would have found their forgotten member. Furthermore, Bashful found something himself! He found one of the trophies that Harry Fool & the other Blueworld Villains stole from the Weird Gang! (Since this is a Season 7 episode, the story takes place during the Trophy Trek Saga, which concluded the 1st chronicle of the cartoon series) Danielle Lipstick thought Bashful was cute, yet he almost resembles Burger, and Danielle used to be one of Burger's enemies! Quite ironic, isn't it? Anyway, this is the happy way the story ended.

If you think realistically, no mortal has the time to search the entire Earth for a specific person or group of people he/she met before. Reunions(with old friends) are very fortunate events! You should cherish such lucky, happy moments because there's no guarantee that you'll met someone you knew in the past again. A planet is way too big to spend time searching all over it for someone you want to meet again! Maybe Earth is small compared to the Sun, but it's really, really large compared to a person! Searching around a planet for 1 specific person is like searching for a special, microscopic germ on a basketball!


Also, I learned that there's no such thing as a perpetual foe. If you owe someone an apology, apologize(& mean it) before that person parts ways with you, because then, it's too late. It would be a really long, hapless journey searching all over your home planet just to find & apologize to someone, let alone the WHOLE universe! A lifetime isn't long enough for such a journey, either. Plus, there's another factor to this subject: negligence. (That's another word for forgetfulness!) If you forget nice people you met, it's your misfortune. Not even a social network guarantees that you'll regain touch with old acquaintances & become friends with them again. Forgetting things shows a lack of responsibility; if you forget to do what your boss tells you to do, he/she will fire you! So you must remember (& I do mean remember) that your memories are YOUR responsibility!

P.S.: If you want to know how long Bashful the Pet Oyster was missing from the Weird Gang AKA Extraordinares, you can read the info on the final page of the epic comic strip!

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