The Search for Immortality & Eternal Happiness: The Commentary

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Part 1 is the 13th cartoon of Still Image/Pocket Joke Page #26 & Part 2 is the 14th, so you'll find this mini-comic 2-parter right in the middle of that Web page! The story starts with the Extraordinares getting Kassandra Chloe Corners AKA Kitewoman as a new member. She married Kennedy Quadrilateral AKA Kiteman & then divorced him because he was an abusive husband verbally. Since Kiteman appeared in at least 1 of my older masterpieces, it was kind of too late to delete him from the cartoon series, so I took this opportunity to close his case. Since he stupidly insulted the Brass Ladies with a joke that might be offensive to girls, I decided that he might as well be a villain. He didn't apologize about it either. His ex-wife Kitewoman even explains how he died in the 1st part of the cartoon story. You don't feel too sorry for him since he was a verbally abusive husband, not to mention an idiot.


Anyway, as Part 1 ends, Kitewoman uses her superpowers to help the heroes get into the temple on a planetoid in Gender Bender Mender Galaxy so they can find important information about mortonium - a liquid element that can revive characters who have just been killed somehow. However, it doesn't work if the character has been dead for at least 3 hours. Kitewoman had the right superpowers to get past the strong breeze blocking the path to the temple. She also had to bring connecto sapiens of specific colors so the heroes could open the stone gate.


As the stone gate opens, the heroes see a riddle printed in Braille; but fortunately, Dr. John Von Foolish can read Braille since he's super smart. (Good thing he came along!) Here comes my favorite part of the story! Dr. Foolish reads the riddle out-loud to translate the Braille for the other characters. Speaking of the riddle, have you figured out the correct answer to it? You can also see it below this paragraph!


Mortonium can revive the dead & then make them immortal, but only if it is turned golden. There is only one being who can turn mortonium golden. This being can also bring you eternal happiness, but you must wait until he returns to your world. His first name starts with the letter J & his last name starts with the letter C.


I decided that the riddle should have a little reference to the Holy Bible since mortonium can technically revive characters in my cartoon universe; plus, there is a special being indeed, a well-known figure to religious people, that can & did bring people back from the dead in specific stories of the Holy Bible! The correct answer to the riddle is: Jesus Christ! (See? His first name starts with the letter J & his last name starts with the letter C!) So the heroes found out what they needed to know about mortonium making characters immortal; furthermore, they have to wait until Jesus Christ returns to their world so He'll turn mortonium golden; then, it'll bring characters back from the dead, no matter how long they've been dead, & also make them immortal!


The final book in the Holy Bible - Revelations - also reveals that eventually in the future, Jesus will return to the world to fix every problem in it caused by sin! Dead people will be revived & then they'll reunite with their families! There will be no more pain or sorrow & people will even be able to live forever! Now there's a future to look forward to!

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