Shirley Locks: The Commentary

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The images above show how the episode "Shirley Locks" started & the 1st time her misandry is seen in the cartoon series.

This commentary is about the entire Shirley Locks Saga. This parental villainess made her 1st appearance in the Season 7 episode: "Goldilocks' Story". If you read the stories of this saga, you know that Shirley Locks is a bad wife & mother. She counts as a femme fatale, too. She used her femininity to trick the police into punishing innocent boys & men! (In the images just above, you can see an example from 1 of the episodes.) However, even the trickiest criminals can't fool the police forever. Plus, here is a related proverb:


You can fool some of the people some of the time, you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people ALL the time!


At least some femme fatales are good & use their femininity for good. But unfortunately, there are selfish females who want special treatment; they want other people to treat them better than anyone else & especially better than men. They have a misandristic, unromantic mindset. Returning to the villainess Shirley Locks, she married Greg Locks, but not for love; she did it for convenience. When she confessed in 1 of the episodes, Greg wanted a divorce & who could blame him? Shirley was outraged! She was furious about losing her slave as she called him!

Greg had to beg his wicked wife for a child; she got tired of it so she made a deal with him. He did his part of the deal so she agreed to bare him a child. The villainess happens to be the biological mother of the heroine of this story. Goldie Ellen Locks is the daughter of a villainess. (& The villainess' victim & husband) Greg was certainly the loving parent of the marriage. Shirley was the abusive one but she was successfully able to use her femininity to fool the judge & jury into punishing her innocent husband, so she got custody of Goldilocks(Goldie Ellen locks). Poor Goldie was stuck with her abusive mom for a while.

Shirley raised Goldilocks without love; in fact, she raised her daughter with hate! One day, when she commanded Goldilocks to go to the supermarket alone, poor Goldilocks got lost because Shirley refused to come along & guide her. (A loving parent would guide his/her own children! Right, folks?) Other malicious things Shirley did was educating her daughter to treat men like slaves & doormats, but fortunately, Goldilocks didn't think men were just inferior beings compared to women. Because of how her mother raised her, Goldilocks made a mistake in her adventure with the 3 bears. She even had to go to jail for it! But her cousin Alice Pleasance Liddell bailed her out & Goldilocks moved to Wonderland to live with her loving aunt, uncle & cousins since Shirley disowned her.

Shirley is not a very logical villainess, I might add, because she made a big fuss when she heard about Goldilocks' mistake; but in a way, it was initially her fault that her daughter got lost in the place. Perhaps Shirley has a mental disability. Anyway, Shirley finally got what she deserved in the final episode of this saga. After Greg died in his car accident, the Puppensteins investigated the case & found out that he had alcohol in his cup of fruit punch with their great sense of smell. That cup was very special, too, since Goldilocks made it for him in 1 of her middle school classes; of course he wanted to keep it! It's a good thing he did, for it helped prove his innocence beyond the grave. The cops went to Shirley's house to arrest her. After her arrest, they gave her a lie detector test, which she easily failed. The cops saw her for the deceiver that she is; Shirley couldn't fool the police anymore! Below is an example of 1 of the questions Ren Puppenstein asked her:

Greg was a non-alcoholic, but Shirley's drugging witchcraft(which was not so magical) made him look like a drunk driver! But after the detectives asked questions to his relatives Alice, Goldie & her other relatives, they found out that Greg was tricked into drinking alcohol so that he could possibly drive drunk! Afterwards, Shirley was sent to prison. She was so misandristic that the police then decided to send her to Misandristica-a hellishly freezing planet in Girly Galaxy. After Derek Cyannus Jr. & his sister Devon defeated Shirley on the spaceship during the intergalactic trip, Goldilocks got the honor of pressing the button that would send Shirley to the cold, hellish planet. Her cousin Alice explained to her that although Shirley was her biological mother, she spiritually wasn't her mother. Her aunt Constance Liddell was her spiritual mother in the end.


In the left comic above, Shirley tells her daughter Goldilocks that she didn't want to give birth to her. In the right one is the ending of this whole saga when Goldilocks had to punish her own mother!

Like I printed in the episode, Shirley Locks is evil indeed. She said something to her child that parents should never say to their children! Although my family got mad at me sometimes, (& vice versa) they didn't let anger stop them from loving me. I couldn't let my anger stop me from loving, either. Besides, love is stronger than anger; remember that, kids. However, hatred can be a powerful evil in criminals' minds & hearts, too. Some beings just choose evil over good. Even though good usually triumphs over evil in the end, you still have to defend yourself from any villains you meet.

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