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  1. The Lucky Brass Lady

  2. Brain & Sabrina Pixie's Valentine's Date

  3. Technical Difficulties

  4. Meet the Living Drum Set

  5. Maryanne Maidenson

    In the original version of "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carrol, Mr. White Rabbit mistook Alice for his maid Maryanne, who never made an appearance in the original story. This is her first appearance ever; I decided how Maryanne should look and even gave her a surname!

  6. Super Long Song (Part 1)

  7. Super Long Song (Part 2)

  8. Super Long Song (Part 3)

  9. Thanks For 300 Hits!

  10. BBQ Sauce Joke

  11. Sally Breaks the 4th Wall!

  12. The Master Chefs of the Extraordinares!

    Does this picture make you hungry?

  13. Learn Or Die

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    Derek C. Jr. has a point about ignorance in this picture. Ignorance is so expensive, it can cost you your life! One may ask:"What is danger?"; when you are in danger, it may be too late to ask that question!

  14. Burger's Coin Trick

  15. Multitask

  16. Multitask II

  17. Multitask III

  18. Multitask IV

  19. Derek C. Jr. Without His Blue Fur

  20. Peace

  21. Never Hit A Girl

    This mini-comic strip is a humorous slam on overly aggressive boys! The thuggish boys want to fight Derek C. Jr. just because he's a boy, which is kind of creepy. The moral of this story is obvious; Be careful what you wish for! Another good moral to this story is fight to live, don't live to fight.

  22. The Impossible Mountain

    What's impossible about the mountain in Derek C. Jr.'s picture is that it breaks a law of physics? Look at the flow of the water. It zigzags, then makes 2 sharp right turns, and falls, but lands in the same plane of altitude! That's impossible! Doesn't this image remind you of M.C. Escher?

  23. Tootsie Popped

    The night before I drew this mini-comic strip, I had a lollipop. I usually eat lollipops by rolling them on my tongue inside my mouth; but that time, I noticed how much smaller it got after melting in my mouth. Then the tricky answer to this old question came to me! Looks like this solves the mystery! It's best to do things the easy way, folks!

  24. Don Demonvark Scratching A Wall

    One of the major characters in this cartoon series staring in a pencil drawing beautified with computer graphics! Why is Don scratching the wall? He's just showing off one of his superpowers!

  25. Thanks For 400 Hits

    Ever notice announcers usually mention the ladies first before the gentlemen? Maybe because letting ladies go first is considered very polite in society; but it looks like somebody, like Burger Meat Food, wants to turn things around for a change! However, addition is commutative; so ladies & gentlemen equals gentlemen & ladies; the sum is folks. You may have noticed this, but just as how Susan B. Anthony fought for women's rights, Burger devoted his life to fighting for men's rights, with some help from his sidekicks!

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