Sue & Her Ex-Boyfriend: The Commentary

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I thought I post a commentary about this mini-comic strip I posted at It's based on a classic Trinidadian song, and also has some advice about dating. One person posted a negative comment about this cartoon; maybe that person was offended by the cartoon's crude humor (maybe it was a she), but it has a point about a common mistake some girls make in the world of dating. Besides, the main character Sue made a bad impression about wanting to keep her boyfriend, now she has an ex-boyfriend!


It's unromantic for girls to tell their potential boyfriends things like: "I'm too busy!", or "Don't bother me now!", or "Come back later!" Even more unromantic examples are: "Go away!" and "Don't call me!" if a girl is unromantic enough to say the last two, she isn't even worth dating! She can't expect to get a date if boys don't call her. So if you think about it, this mini-comic strip makes sense. However, it's not saying that boys can't be unromantic, too.


Anyway, I learned an important fact about humor: no matter what kind of joke you make up, it'll eventually upset someone someday. (Some people take things too personally nowadays, or just have a bad sense of humor; however, a specific joke just can't please everybody in the universe. Some will think it's funny, others will think it's crappy.)


I thought the disliker's comment was cruel, but some of the other artists at defended me by saying that just because you don't like an image, that doesn't mean it's not art. I certainly agree with them. Then, one artist posted this comment that made me think:


"Mr. Cumberbatch, If someone asked me that question about what I consider to be my art I would not take it as an insult. I would either answer it or ignore it. It wouldn't jack me up; but that's just me."-Dale Pline


This means that a negative comment doesn't have to be an insult. In conclusion, you just can't please everybody, no matter how hard you try; you could be the nicest person in the world and still at least 1 person just won't like you. Some people are just haters, or more mildly, dislikers who are just plain unfriendly. Try to please as many people as possible, and if someone is too fussy and refuses to like you, then that person probably isn't worth pleasing anyway.

P.S.: I'll explain why it's unromantic to tell your boyfriend you're too busy for him: The 1st time you tell him you're too busy, he'll leave, wait, and come back when he thinks you're done with whatever you're doing. The 2nd time you tell him you're too busy, he'll leave, wait with less patience, and come back when he thinks you're done. The 3rd time you tell him, he'll have even less patience left! The next time you tell him that, his patience will be even less than the last time! And the next time after that, and the next time after that! His patience will keep shrinking & shrinking; once it's all gone, he'll be ready to dump you! So girls, if you want to keep your boyfriend (if you have one), then be romantic & respectful to him. Don't treat him like an inferior slave!

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