Superheroes Without Secret Identities

Ever wonder why superheroes have secret identities? It's so their enemies, the supervillains, won't use that knowledge to their advantage! Besides knowing their true identities, it's even more dangerous if the supervillains know where the superheroes live! In other words, their street addresses should be secret from the enemy as well.

Maybe it's not always necessary for a superpowered character to keep his/her true identity a secret, depending on the situation... Besides, there are plenty of superpowered characters in video games that DON'T have a secret identity! (For example: The Mario Brothers & their friends: Yoshi the frog-like dinosaur, Donkey Kong & Princess Peach Toadstool to mention 3 of them.) The characters of this cartoon series - Blueworld Adventures/Blueworld & Beyond - are like superheroes without secret identities! However, the Weird Gang AKA Extraordinares keep the street address of their clubhouse a secret from their enemies who are the full-pledged villains of this cartoon series.

So, are secrets that necessary, you ask? Well, the only reason that I can think of why secrets would be necessary is because sensitive information could be harmful in the wrong minds, if you think about it. Information can be used for good or evil. So in conclusion, as the old saying goes & like Brain said in the image above, "Knowledge is power"!

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