Whack-A-Woman Or Burger's Head-Bashing Game!: The Commentary

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I gave this cartoon a 2nd name to make it less violent. This cartoon takes place during a time when the Brass Ladies & Hamburger Heavy Metallers were still mortal enemies. The Hamburger Heavy Metallers put the Brass Ladies in the game machine so Burger could bop them on their heads with the hammer! Burger comes from a culture where the characters sometimes fight each other without hesitation, no matter which sex they're in! (His home country Foodland has a more barbaric culture!)


Remembering how society feels about men hitting women, I just had to type this commentary to explain more about this cartoon. Society is correct about the man-on-woman violence thing, but technically, Burger is not a human. He is a male food person, a personified hamburger, a Foodlandian. (All Foodlandians are made of food that we humans eat, which is why they're below humans in the food chain.) Sometimes, when a character is below another character in the food chain, that character has to use violence against the "predator" character in self-defense. It isn't wrong to defend yourself, right? However, non-violence can also be used to defend yourself! (Although, it's seemingly more difficult if your opponent is using violence against you!) As an edible hamburger person, Burger is below the Brass Ladies in the food chain. In other words, Burger & the other Foodlandians are sub-human. As sub-humans, the humans of Blueworld(AKA Photonis) sometimes give them terrible treatment!


Speaking of treatment, humans sometimes do the same things to animals here on Earth! But there are all sorts of complicated reasons why:

To prevent too much conflict from happening between species in Blueworld & its neighborhood worlds, there's the Interspecies Peace Federation to negotiate & help enemy species settle problems in their disputes. This company especially negotiates in intergovernment disputes! The I.P.F. was founded ever since dinosaurs became extinct in Blueworld! (Here's a quick back story about it: A vengeful cavewoman named Harriet Hothead cast a spell on all the dinosaurs of Blueworld since dinosaurs were responsible for the deaths of most of her relatives; she did it for revenge! The spell worked since the dinosaurs caused the extinction of 12 other animal species! Harriet's magic comet killed all the dinosaurs of Blueworld, but spared the non-dinosaurs.) Ever since, the I.P.F. vowed to never let another species go extinct like that again.


To conclude this commentary, I just wanted to prove that I am not a misogynist. Burger got punished many times for how he defended himself against the Brass Ladies. (& so did the other Hamburger Heavy Metallers) There are several reasons why men & women are segregated in boxing & wrestling. (Well, martial arts) Boxers & wrestlers are only allowed to fight opponents in their own sex. (& perhaps weight class)

P.S.: I think the dinosaurs of Earth became extinct most likely by killing each other. If a comet hit the Earth & killed all the dinosaurs, then why is there still life on Earth? Maybe that comet was magic, too!

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